NYC Professor Who Threatened New York Post Reporter With Machete Avoids Jail With Sweetheart Plea Deal

A NYC college professor who held a machete to a New York Post reporter’s neck and threatened to “chop” him, avoided jail with a sweetheart plea deal.

Shellyne Rodrigeuz, 46, will avoid jail and most likely won’t even have a criminal record for holding a machete to NY Post reporter Reuven Fenton’s neck back in May.

The sweetheart plea deal includes a pathetic six months of therapy offered by corrupt prosecutors in the Bronx. This after all is New York, so it isn’t surprising such insanity is taking place in the justice system.

New York Post reported:

The unhinged Manhattan college professor who threatened to “chop” a Post reporter copped a wrist-slap plea deal in Bronx court on Monday.

Shellyne Rodriguez, 46, will dodge jail time and won’t even have a criminal record if she makes it through as little as six months in therapy under the terms of her sweetheart deal with Bronx prosecutors.

Rodriguez – who was axed from her Hunter College gig hours after the caught-on-video May 23 assault on reporter Reuven Fenton – pleaded guilty to a count of menacing, a misdemeanor, and to a harassment violation.

Her record will be wiped clean if she completes counseling at the Alternative Wellness Collective of Manhattan and stays out of trouble for up to a year, Judge Dan Quart said in Bronx Criminal Court.

Hunter College ultimately fired Rodriguez, but the unhinged educator landed a new position at Cooper Union in NYC as an adjunct instructor.

Besides therapy, she needs to simply stay out of trouble for a year and not get arrested.

She has demonstrated instability in the recent past. In May, Rodriguez lost her temper on a group of students at Hunter College for a table set up they had with pro-life materials.

In May, the Gateway Pundit reported about Shellyne Rodriguez turned herself into the police after holding a machete to a New York Post reporter.

The NYC professor who cursed at pro-life students and threatened a New York Post reporter with a machete turned herself in to police back in May – and cried victim!

Rodriguez was seen in a video previously published by Students for Life America, accusing the two students of being “triggering” and exhibiting “violent” behavior.

“You’re not educating shi-t, this is f-cking propaganda,” Rodriguez says in the video, “What are you going to do like anti-trans next?”

What does a person have to do to go to jail in New York City?


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