New Yorker Who Survived Hamas Terrorist Attack at Nova Music Festival Reacts to Antisemitism Protests at Home: ‘Feel Safer in Israel than in US’ (Video)

Natalie Sanandaji, Image Screenshot/Fox News

One of the targets of the Hamas terrorist attacks against civilians was an assault on a nature party where terrorists flew paragliders into the peaceful gathering and slaughtered nearly 300 of the 3,600 partygoers.

The killers also raped the young beautiful women and took dozens of hostages while shooting indiscriminately at portable toilets hoping to kill young Jews hiding inside.

Long Island native Natalie Sanandaji, 28, survived the attack on the festival, but shares that the increase of antisemitism on display in protests across the U.S. have left her shaken.

Sanandaji told The New York Post, “A lot of people have asked if I’m scared to go back to Israel after everything that’s happened, and my honest answer is … now more than ever, I want to move to Israel. Even with everything going on, I feel safer there than I do in the US right now.”

The Iranian Israeli, who lives in a Jewish community on Long Island, said this is the first time in her life that she started to get hate for her faith.

She said she’s watching her friends remove their mezuzahs — an encased scroll affixed to a doorframe that’s said to protect the home.

Some are hiding their Jewish identities over fears of being attacked.

“There’s people in Europe drawing Jewish stars on people’s doors if they know it’s a Jewish home,” she said.

Cornell,  Stanford, Harvard, University of Wisconsin, Indiana University, Arizona State University, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill are just a handful of the many campuses where Jewish students face concerning behavior from both students as well as educators.

Sanandaji joined Fox News to share her experience and her concerns, “A lot of people ask me if I feel safe now that I’m back in New York. I don’t. A lot of the things I’ve been hearing and seeing since getting back. A lot of the videos of the protests. These pro-Palestinian protests. Something I would like to say about that is, whatever side you’re on in regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, all the power to you. But this is not about Israel-Palestine. This is about Hamas, a terrorist organization who is just as complicit in the deaths of these innocent Palestinians as they are in the deaths of innocent Israelis.”

“People need to understand that this is not about Israel vs. Palestine. This is about a terrorist organization attacking the Jews and killing innocent people, killing innocent people at a music festival, killing innocent grandmas who survived the Holocaust, just to be killed by Hamas, burning babies alive.”




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