“Nazi Communist Judges, Just Like in Hitler’s Germany, Just Like in the Show Trials in Moscow” – Steve Bannon Goes Off on Left’s Attempt to Toss Trump from State Ballots (VIDEO)

The latest phony lawsuit against President Trump opened today in Colorado where Marxist Democrats are attempting to remove President Donald Trump from the ballot.

This is the latest tactic by the Marxist left – The are running the Communist Chinese gameplan for Hong Kong. Only Communist Chinese approved candidates are able to run for office.

So much for “democracy” – something these wicked people have lied about for the past three years as they jail and bankrupt their opposition like they’re wanting to do with President Trump.

Steve Bannon called them out for who they are: “Nazi Communist judges, just like in Hitler’s Germany, just like in the show trials in Moscow.”

Let the show trial begin.

Steve Bannon:  We’re going to live stream as soon as our opening arguments start… This is quite a big deal because you’re going to see this happen throughout the rest of the country. Radical state judges with, by the way, a radical Secretary of State who is one of the instigators of this, with complete radicals on the Appeals Courts and Supreme Courts. This is what happens when you let the apparatus, this is what they’re trying to do in Texas. This is what they’re trying to do in Michigan. They’re trying to take these states and have total control over them. And of course, this shows you the battle between the Freedom Party and the good guys, which would be us, versus these essential Nazi communist judges, just like Hitler’s Germany, just like the show trials in Moscow in 1935, no difference whatsoever.

They cannot defeat (Trump), here’s the lesson… The polling over the weekend, Axios Jim Vandehei and Mike Allen yesterday did a brutal takedown of Joe Biden’s chances to win reelection. They understand they can’t beat Trump at the ballot box. They’re either going to try to cheat through the Mark Elias method, they’re going to try to get Trump off the ballot in key battleground states, or they’re going to try to bankrupt him and put him in debtors prison or the 700 years in criminal cases.

Via The War Room.

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