Megyn Kelly Says Her Friend Died Unexpectedly: ‘Hold Your Loved Ones Near’

Megyn Kelly took a day off from her radio show last week following the unexpected death of a dear friend.

The former Fox News host made the announcement on her SiriusXM show but posted a clip of it on her Instagram page.

Kelly did not divulge many details, but she asked her followers to live their lives right and without regrets.

“I’m not going to be here tomorrow,” she said on Oct. 2. “I’m taking the day off because my friend died over the weekend. Totally unexpected – 46-year-old mother of two young boys, beautiful wife.”

Kelly added:

“We don’t know what happened yet; she died at home. It just is a reminder, as with any loss, (to) hold your loved ones near, make sure you look around that you are living the life you want to be living. You know that, God forbid, if God called your number tomorrow morning, you are OK with the way you were in this world, your relationships – your core relationships.”


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The host also asked for prayers for her late friend’s husband and her two children.

“But if you could spare a prayer for my friends, her husband and her boys, I sure would appreciate it,” Kelly concluded.

Kelly later identified her friend on her website as 46-year-old Jocelyn Steelman, whom she said she met a decade ago through the school her children attended.

“[Jocelyn was] a loving wife to Elliot and adoring mother of two boys — 13-year-old Jacob and 10-year-old Felix,” Kelly wrote on Oct. 6.

Kelly also expressed she was able to lean on her late friend during turbulent times in recent years and described her as having been in good health before she died.

“It’s not yet clear what caused [her death] – maybe her heart,” Kelly said. “Jocelyn was the picture of health.”

She then asked, “Why would God do this? To her? To Elliot? To those young boys? What purpose could possibly be served here, and what does it even matter when her death feels so unjust?”

Kelly said she attended Steelman’s funeral on Oct. 3, a service she described as “incredibly moving.”

“She shouldn’t be in there,” Kelly recalled. “We shouldn’t be here. Her sons should not have to stand here and mourn their mother.”



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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