Massachusetts Bill Would Impose ‘Widespread Bans on Commonly Owned Firearms,’ ‘Unprecedented Gun Control’

A Massachusetts gun control bill would impose “widespread bans on commonly owned firearms,” according to the National Rifle Association.

The bill, H. 4135, passed the state’s House on October 18 with a vote of 120–38.

According to a report from the Epoch Times, the bill “would mandate that key gun components be serialized and registered with the state, it proposes an enhanced system to curtail the flow of illegal guns into the state, and it seeks to modernize the existing firearm registration system. It would also expand the state’s ban on assault weapons by prohibiting the purchase of AR-15-style weapons and would ban the conversion of a legal firearm into an illegal automatic weapon.”

The bill would also outlaw having a gun while intoxicated and ban firing them near homes. Additionally, it will prohibit guns from polling places, schools, and all government buildings.

The proposed legislation will also expand “red flag” laws in the state, which allows a judge to remove someone’s right to own a firearm if they are a risk to themselves or others.

The National Rifle Association of America-Institute for Legislative Action has strongly opposed the bill and is urging supporters to contact their state senators to express their thoughts on the bill.

“H. 4135 re-writes gun laws in the Commonwealth and imposes unprecedented gun control. This is an ominous bill that includes the worst anti-gun legislation in the country,” the organization said in a statement obtained by the Epoch Times.

Massachusetts Rep. Ronald Mariano said that the bill is in response to the Supreme Court expanding Second Amendment rights.

“The comprehensive gun safety reform legislation that the House passed today will make Massachusetts residents safer, and will further strengthen the Commonwealth’s status as a national leader in the effort to combat gun violence,” Mariano wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

“While Massachusetts annually ranks as one of the safest states in the entire country from gun violence, the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision nullified existing components of our gun laws, threatening the safety of the Commonwealth’s residents,” Mariano added.

Mariano continued, “With the passage of this legislation, the House has once again displayed an unwavering commitment to ensuring that Massachusetts remains one of the safest states in the country.”


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