Judge Chutkan Releases Official Gag Order on Trump and It’s Worse Than We Thought

Judge Tanya Chutkan released the gag order on Trump and it is worse than we thought.

Judge Tanya Chutkan on Monday imposed a gag order on Trump in the middle of a presidential election.

Last month Special Counsel Jack Smith filed a motion to gag Trump.

“The need for the proposed order is further evidenced by a review of the defendant’s prejudicial statements in the weeks since the Government initially filed its motion on September 15,” Jack Smith’s prosecutors wrote in the court filing reviewed by this reporter.

Judge Tanya Chutkan held a hearing on Monday morning on Jack Smith’s proposed gag order and used it as an opportunity to attack Trump.

President Trump will be barred from speaking out against Special Counsel Jack Smith, court witnesses and more!

Judge Chutkan laughed at Trump’s lawyers before telling them that Trump does not have unfettered First Amendment Rights.

“Chutkan laughed after Trump’s lawyer John Lauro argued that the current conditions are working, saying she disagreed before she went through some of Trump’s statements one by one. Chutakn said Trump “doesn’t” have unfettered First Amendment rights, and that there’s “no question” that the court is entitled to draw restrictions to ensure the fair administration of justice.” NBC News reported.

According to Chutkan’s gag order, Trump cannot criticize Special Counsel Jack Smith or any of his prosecutors – even if Trump is telling the truth!

Trump cannot criticize Jack Smith or any of his prosecutors or staffers, any of the Court’s staff or supporting personnel or any ‘witnesses.’

Jack Smith can leak and lie about Trump – and threaten witnesses – but Trump cannot defend himself otherwise he will be violating Chutkan’s unconstitutional gag order!

“At its essence, this prohibition could punish Trump for telling the truth about the Special Counsel. No falsity required,” attorney Techno Fog reported.

Judge Chutkan did not state the penalties for violating the gag order (jail or fines?).

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