Joe Biden Campaign Joins President Trump’s TruthSocial Platform

Did hell just freeze over?  Joe Biden, in some form or fashion, has joined President Trump’s social media platform TruthSocial today.  The Biden campaign account, BidenHQ, Truthed for the first time this afternoon:


The account currently has 1.25k followers and is following just one account:  @RealDonaldTrump (although this is probably default setting).  Podcaster and citizen journalist Behizy appears to be the first to respond on the Biden page by saying “The 2020 election was rigged and Trump won”:


The follow-up Truth from the Biden camp takes a shot at President Trump using a clip from Ron DeSantis regarding adding $7.8T to the national debt.  The post doesn’t consider the $3.1 trillion added during the “pandemic”.



FOX News reported that the Biden campaign says “they are ‘injecting [their] message’ into GOP primary coverage and plan to combat ‘mis and disinformation’ about…Biden that may appear on the social media platform.”

“There’s very little ‘truth’ happening on TruthSocial, but at lest now it’ll be a little fun” a senior campaign aide told Fox News Digital on Monday.”

Campaign officials said they plan to hold “MAGA accountable on their own platform.” The officials pointed to the campaign’s existing account on “X,” previously known as Twitter, in which they post content of Republican politicians and candidates attacking their opponents.

While President Trump was just issued a gag-order by a federal judge in the Washington DC case as reported by The Gateway Pundit, President Trump’s campaign spokesperson, Steven Cheung, told FOX News:

“Crooked Joe Biden and his team are finally acknowledging that Truth Social is hot as a pistol and the only place where real news happens,” Cheung said. “Unfortunately for Biden, his continuation of spreading misinformation to gaslight the American people in order to distract from his disastrous record won’t work and they’ll be ratio’d to oblivion.”

TruthSocial CEO Devin Nunes has welcomed Joe Biden, saying that TruthSocial is a “free, open platform”.

At the time of writing, $DWAC (the acquisition company associated with TruthSocial) is up .55%.


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