Jamaal Bowman in Damage Control: Backtracks After Staff Labels Republicans ‘Nazis’ Following His Fire Alarm Stunt to Shut Down Congress

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Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) finds himself embroiled in another controversy. Not only did he pull a fire alarm ahead of a crucial House vote, but his office also issued talking points that labeled members of the Republican Party as “Nazis.”

On Saturday, ahead of a midnight deadline to pass a measure to avoid a government shutdown, Bowman pulled a fire alarm in the Cannon House Office Building. This action forced a temporary evacuation and delayed the vote.

According to a report by Breitbart News, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) allegedly tore down two signs warning that a door on the second floor of the Cannon House Office Building was for emergency use only. He then proceeded to pull the fire alarm, leading to a full-scale law enforcement and emergency services response, which resulted in the evacuation of the building.

Jamaal Bowman released a lame excuse on Saturday. He knows he will get away with this crime. He hates the American people.

I want to personally clear up confusion surrounding today’s events. Today, as I was rushing to make a vote, I came to a door that is usually open for votes but today would not open. I am embarrassed to admit that I activated the fire alarm, mistakenly thinking it would open the door. I regret this and sincerely apologize for any confusion this caused.

But I want to be very clear, this was not me, in any way, trying to delay any vote. It was the exact opposite — I was trying urgently to get to a vote, which I ultimately did and joined my colleagues in a bipartisan effort to keep our government open. I also met after the vote with the Sergeant at Arms and the Capitol Police, at their request, and explained what had happened. My hope is that no one will make more of this than it was. I am working hard every day, including today, to do my job, to do it well, and deliver for my constituents.

Peace and Love.

On Monday, Jamaal Bowman continued to lie and gaslight after he committed a crime.

“You know, I don’t know why this has gotten so much attention. I was literally just in a rush to go vote, man! That’s all it was!” a Bowman told a reporter.


To make matters worse, Bowman’s office sent out a memo to Democratic colleagues suggesting talking points to defend him.

One of these talking points explicitly labeled members of the Republican Party as “Nazis.”

The memo stated, “I believe Congressman Bowman when he says this was an accident. Republicans need to instead focus their energy on the Nazi members of their party before anything else.”

Bowman backtracked after the memo was leaked for using the term “Nazi” in the memo.

“I just became aware that in our messaging guidance, there was inappropriate use of the term Nazi without my consent. I condemn the use of the term Nazi out of its precise definition. It is important to specify the term Nazi to refer to members of the Nazi party & neo-Nazis,” Bowman wrote.

Below are the suggested talking points from Jamal’s office:

  • It is an extreme reach on the part of MAGA Republicans to assert that Rep Bowman intended to harm or destruct anyone or thing. The exact opposite is true: he was trying to do his job.
  • Look, if you’ve been in the Capitol complex on a weekend you’d know there’s only one or two ways to get in and out and it causes confusion for staffers and members alike, but because of last minute votes caused by Republican incompetence and surprise bill drop the not all exits were staffed like usual and the signage made it even more confusing.
  • Especially when you’re in a rush after Republicans drop the bill text 15 minutes before the vote and the signage on the doors is unnecessarily confusing.
  • It’s clear my colleague Congressman Bowman was simply rushing to the floor to cast his vote to prevent a shutdown and support working class families.
  • Voting doesn’t occur in the Cannon House Office Building, it only occurs in the Capitol.The alarm going off didn’t interrupt our business on the floor today in the slightest.
  • House Republicans are obviously trying to distract from the fact they cannot govern and that they nearly shut down the federal government for no reason.
  • I believe Congressman Bowman when he says this was an accident. Republicans need to instead focus their energy on the Nazi members of their party before anything else.
  • There are multiple insurrectionist supporters in Congress and more who supported a coup and support Trump’s Big Lie. That’s what they should be focused on. Instead their focus on Rep. Bowman is an attempt to minimize January 6th.
  • I know that we’re focused on preventing a government shutdown and working towards ensuring everyone has childcare, food on the table, and the ability to thrive.

Earlier this year, he called conservative commentator Michael Knowles a Nazi and then attacked the GOP.

“Michael Knowles is a Nazi hellbent on keeping only white men alive and in power. We cannot allow him and others to push their evil agenda and we must stand up for the transgender rights. CPAC has made one thing clear this year – they support a future run by Nazis like Knowles,” Bowman wrote.

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