J6 Political Prisoner Jonathan Munafo Will Be Homeless Following His Release, Please Help Out Jonathan If You Can

Jonathan Munafo was arrested after January 6 for taking a police officer’s shield out of an officer’s hands and striking him to stop him from beating an elderly man who was face down on the ground.

Jonathan is hoping for an opportunity to restart his life after his release and shared a letter with The Gateway Pundit.

Fellow Country Men and Women,

My name is Jonathan Munafo, Federal Registration #41444-509, DC-DOC #375910. I’m originally from the Cape Cod\ Plymouth Massachusetts area but have lived much of my life in the Adirondack Mountains & Capitol region of New York State. For roughly a year I traveled to President Trump’s rallies all over the country, supporting his re-election in 2020. As a “Front Row Joe” I would arrive at the venue before anyone else, many times days earlier than others ensuring a spot in the front row. I’m also a January 6th defendant who for a time early on was considered among the F.B.I.s “Top Ten Most Wanted Capitol Suspects”. From a Trump Rally ” Front Row Joe” to (according to creepy Joe) a danger to the United States even more radical than ISIS, this is my January 6th story.

Prior to J6 I owned and operated a small appliance repair service, worked in wedding\corporate off premise catering as well as a contractor preforming remodeling services to Dollar General stores nationwide. I started from nothing and was proud of the hard work, determination and success I accomplished as an owner of my own small business, the very backbone of our U.S. economy. However, thanks to the “plandemic” I lost my businesses. Surprisingly the large box stores were allowed to stay open…can you say Marxism? As a result I decided to use what little I had left in savings to travel the country attending Trump rallies. Thankfully I was able to support myself with my connections in contracting for Dollar General in nearly every state.

On January 4th I left the beautiful state of Florida to attend the “Stop the Steal” rally in DC. Along the way I encountered a woman who was upset with all of the Trump “flare” on my vehicle, including the American Flag I fly everywhere I go. She began pulling the flag in an effort to steal it. Little did I know that this encounter would be a prelude to events to come.

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I arrived in DC sometime in the very early hours of J6 then took a quick nap. When I woke up it was roughly 7am and the streets were already filling up fast with folks headed to the stage. As I made myself some coffee I began to feel somewhat anxious. Comparable to bringing a poor report card home as a child. You all know that feeling too I’m sure! I made my way to the Washington National Monument and observed this massive crowd working their way closer and closer to the main stage. When President Trump arrived thousands upon thousands began cheering at a volume and intensity I had not yet ever experienced even as a “Front Row Joe”.

As President Trump spoke I could tell something was very wrong. I walked back to my car when I heard that we would protest at the Capitol ” Peacefully and Patriotically” so I left my car and followed the crowd.

Prior to January 6th I attended both the November and December stop the steal rallies there in DC. At both events prior there was no issue to enter the Capitol Grounds. In fact, I recall people standing on the steps taking selfies. As I walked with the enormous crowd I never did see the bike style barricades that were later reported to exist, thus it never occurred to me we were entering “restricted grounds”.

While walking to the Capitol I felt that something really nefarious was happening. It was rather obvious to me that some folks were trying to instigate, agitate and motivate the crowd to violence. I also saw people changing their clothes while under some bushes. Although people changing clothes under bushes may sound like a conspiracy, much of what you may have heard was and is based in truth.

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I continued to walking and when I arrived at the west end there were thousands of people standing shoulder to shoulder. Then all of the sudden approximately 20 yards ahead of me people were being shot by the police even though the crowd was peaceful. It was reported later that the police were using ” less than lethal” munitions like rubber bullets and pepper balls as well as flash bang grenades directly in the crowd. It was then I saw some of the injured making their way back out of the crowd to get medical attention. It was both heartbreaking and sickening. These folks came out to “Peacefully and Patriotically” protest the stolen election, these folks did nothing wrong. I believe the vast majority of people who converged on the Capitol were motivated to keep moving forward by nefarious people shouting with bull horns. “We’re almost through, keep moving forward”. This was being shouted over and over again and again. I made my way to the tunnel entrance on the lower west terrace. It was then that I decided to record a clip. Looking around at the massive crowd I recorded the chant protestors were using, that being “We! The People! We! The People! The pressure of the crowd surging toward the tunnel entrance was so great I felt as if I was going to be crushed to death, breathless.

At this point I made the decision to leave. While walking through the crowd I observed a violent arrest being made of an elderly man. It was evident to me the man was unable to comply with the order to put his hands behind his back due to an injury. They beat this man mercilessly with a baton while he was face down and trying to comply with an order he physically couldn’t. After he was picked up by officers and escorted away I finally made it close enough to see this officer was handed a riot shield. Almost immediately I can be seen clearly on video hitting the officer’s helmet twice a ripping the shield out of his hands and into the hands of the crowd. I take full responsibility for my actions. For this offense the United States decided to charge me with a ten count indictment that includes assault on an officer and civil disorder.

As you already know there are no fair trials to be had for J6 defendants in DC. Upon advice of counsel it was recommended that we work with the prosecutor on a plea. After much back and forth “haggling” my team of attorneys was able to finally arrive at a plea that was acceptable. In short, I had two options. Option one would be go to trial and serve more time (possibly five more years) or option two which was to take a plea (which I did) an hope to be sentenced to time served which would be approximately two and a half years day for day.

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The way I’ve decided to view my incarceration has been to take things as they come, day by day and all the while inch my self closer to freedom once again. I have used my time wisely for the past two and a half years to better myself in many ways. Finding a path is easer than I thought. In keeping goal oriented I also wrote out a step by step 1,3,5, plan. (IE; one year plan, three year plan and a 5 year plan.). I also become fond of meditation. The practice as well as its origin is very interesting to me and I plan to continue my studies on this topic. With regard to my family and friends, a majority of them decided to part ways prior to J6 except for one true friend. I couldn’t have been blessed with anyone as sincere or as interested in my success.

To circle back and complete the story of how I arrived here at the DC jail, after J6 I planned to visit some girls in Oregon however, before I was able to make it I was rear ended by a drunk driver in Maryland. As a result I lost everything I owned and the vehicle was totaled. My car was then impounded but that is a story for another time. I made it back to Florida after some help from Trump supporters who came to Maryland from Davis California. On April 10 I believe it was when I first heard the F.B.I. was looking for me. I then approached the local police where I was staying and self -urrendered on April 13th. And that concludes my story.

Upon release I’m sickened to admit I’m both broke and homeless.

Please forgive me for being forward however I could really use some help from the J6 community. I’m not just looking for a handout but rather a hand up that will help me get established and working as soon as possible. I’m not sure what God has planned from here but my duty is to stay vigilant trusting he will lead at the right time. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future”. Finally, in my travels I have found that the hardworking Americans are the citizens who are raising our future leaders. They share the same values our founding fathers spoke of and lived. I have every confidence these children love America and are being taught by parents and elders who truly care about the Truth. It was my experience meeting families all over the country that the kids are speaking about their concerns without looking at mom and dad for approval but rather spoke from a position of conviction and understanding beyond their years. This take away motivated me and gave hope for our future. Now I share that hope with you!

In closing, I’m reminded of Second Chronicles 7:14 which says, ” If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

May God keep you and your loved ones safe during this chaotic time in our nations history. God bless you and God bless America.

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Thanks for sharing!