Israeli PM: We Won’t Yield to Terror – REJECTS TRUCE WITH HAMAS

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: Reproduction/X


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated during a speech on Monday, October 30, that his country has no intention of entering into a ceasefire agreement with the terrorist group Hamas. He accuses the Islamic terrorists of committing daily crimes against Jews.

In rejecting a ceasefire, Netanyahu recalled the terrorist attacks suffered by the United States.

The prime minister said:

“The United States did not agree to a ceasefire after Pearl Harbor or 9/11, and we are not willing to accept one after October 7th”, he said.

Netanyahu reiterated accusations against Hamas for committing war crimes. He further stated:

“It is important to distinguish right from wrong. To distinguish the deliberate targeting of innocents from the accidental death of people in a war. This is a turning point for leaders and nations. We are drawing a line between the forces of barbarism and civilization, and it is time to decide on which side each one is. If Hamas and evil prevail, you may be the next target.”

By rejecting the ceasefire, Netanyahu drew a comparison between the current situation in Israel and the fight against Adolf Hitler’s Nazi troops in 1944. He said:

“The Gestapo headquarters [Nazi secret police] would be bombed, but British pilots missed and hit a children’s hospital. The Allies didn’t say Nazism should stop being fought because of that accident because they knew what was at stake.”

According to him, Israel is “doing its utmost to minimize civilian casualties,” while Hamas “commits war crimes daily.” He accused the terrorists of not allowing civilians to leave high-risk areas in Palestine.

While Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to foreign journalists in Jerusalem, Israeli tanks advanced into the enclave in three directions, surrounding the city of Gaza in an apparent attempt to cut off the connection to the southern territory.

Today, the brutal death of the Israeli-German young woman Shani Louk, 22, was confirmed during a rave party in northern Negev targeted by Hamas terrorists. At the site, Islamists killed at least 260 people.

The information about Louk’s death was confirmed by the President of Israel, Yitzchak Herzog.

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