The Israel Guys: “Israel Needs to Declare Full-Scale War on Terror Organization Hamas”


Josiah Hilton reports on the Israeli counterattack on Hamas and how he was nearly shot in the terror hotbed of Huawara last week on the latest episode of The Israel Guys from the Biblical heartland of Samaria.

Josiah warned against Fake News outlets like BBC and Al-Jazeera, who tried to paint Israel as the aggressor despite the horrific attacks on Saturday, which killed over 1000 Israelis.

Tablet Magazine reported on how young partygoers were murdered and raped at the “Supernova” music festival.

The murderous attacks on Israeli mothers, girls and babies were funded and organized by the Biden Regime’s friends in Iran, as Gateway Pundit reported. President Donald Trump said that “sadly, American taxpayer dollars helped fund these attacks, which many reports are saying came from the Biden Administration.”

Now Israel has mobilized over 300.000 reservists, including Gateway Pundit guest author Avi Abelow, and declared a state of war.

“Unfortunately this has been necessary for a long time: Israel to declare full-scale war on the terror organization Hamas,” states Josiah, “because Hamas has been a pain in the neck for Israel of a very long time. The sad part is that it took the horrific events of the last few days for Israel to take this step, and for the international community to support Israel.”

Hamas propagandists and Israel-haters were quick to claim that Israel must have had knowledge of the attacks or even wanted 1000 of their women and children to be massacred. Meanwhile, Hamas and Iran were boasting of their intelligence success to mislead the Israeli army and intelligence to focus on Nablus in Samaria, where Hamas-affiliated terrorists have been fighting the security forces all year.

“The IDF is striking Hamas missile factories and leaders right now. They are not targeting civilians, despite what the media may say. Despite the horrific tragedy of the last days, Israel is still going out of their way to warn Gazan civilians before they strike, and probably putting their soldiers at risk “, Hilton noted, “but unfortunately, with such a crowded area, some casualties will occur.”

The Israeli Defense Force is also on high alert in Judea and Samaria and arrested 41 terrorists yesterday, Josiah reported, and has sent forces to the northern border to deter Iranian-supported Hezbollah. “The goal of the radical Islamic idea is to wipe Israel off the map. So why should we be surprised when this like this happen?”

As to what led to Saturday’s attack, Hilton noted Hamas is accusing Israel of “storming the Al-Aqsa mount” in reference to the holiday of Sukkot, when 5000 Jews visited the Temple Mount “and weren’t even allowed to pray there.” The Al Aqsa mosque is a Conquest Mosque built on the site of the Jewish Temple. Access to it is strictly regulated for non-Muslims. When East Jerusalem was illegally occupied by Jordan 1948-1969, all but one of 36 synagogues were razed.

Last Thursday, Josiah was driving through the Arab town of Huawara, which has been a terror hotbed all year. “We came to the roundabout and I noticed something was up.” About 60 seconds after Josiah passed, “a Palestinian youth with a handgun stepped out and opened fire on a Jewsih family with a pregnant woman and a child in the back. This must’ve been a miracle because the terrorist unloaded his entire magazine into the car, and yet the family was untouched.”

Luke Hilton: Israel entering fourth day of war with Hamas

Josiah and his brother Luke were born and raised in a Christian home in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with a love for Israel. They made their first trip to Israel when they were 11 and 16, and today work for the non-profit HaYovel (Jubilee) to bring American Christians to Israel and help support the Holy Land.

 Ben Shapiro showed the most horrific videos of the Saturday Hamas attack:




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