Hundreds Of Illegal Aliens Cross Border Daily in San Diego as Smugglers Drive Them to Makeshift Campsite in Local Mountains

The border crisis is a never-ending problem for the U.S.

Biden’s negligence has caused millions of people to illegally enter the U.S. drain our nation’s resources and jeopardize the safety of our citizens.

Jacumba, which is about 75 miles east of San Diego has been a hangout for thousands of illegals after crossing the border. The high desert has been a drop-off location for smugglers for illegals to live in makeshift camps.

The group Border Kindness, which is a non-governmental organization that helps provide resources for illegals, has provided food and water in areas where terrain is difficult to traverse. While this sounds compassionate, and it is to some degree, the dangers that illegal immigrants face are real.

The Border Patrol has been overwhelmed with the number of illegals in this area. They have been giving priority to children and women first with transport. The nearest Border Patrol Station is approximately 30 miles from Jucumba.

Border Report:

JACUMBA, Calif. (Border Report) — Samuel Schultz has spent these last two weeks handing out peanut butter sandwiches and bottles of water to hundreds of migrants gathering at three spots near the high desert community of Jacumba, California, about 75 miles east of San Diego.

Schultz is a volunteer with a group called Border Kindness.

Schultz says he speaks with Border Patrol agents often who tell him they can’t keep up with the large volume of migrants coming across.

“The agents are swamped and they are very straightforward about the fact that this is not their job, this is not what they are set up to do they were never set up to do something like this. They are slammed.”


The Gateway Pundit has been consistently reporting on the border crisis and the dangerous journey these illegals take to get to the U.S. Last week a bus carrying illegals from Venezuela and Haiti in Mexico en route to the U.S. overturned resulting in 18 deaths and 27 injuries.

A bus driving through Mexico carrying illegals to the U.S. crashed early Friday morning. AFP reported 18 people died and about 27 were injured.

The bus consisted of people from Venezuela and Haiti and overturned on a road in Oaxaca. Three of the deceased were minors in the latest crash involving illegals heading to the United States.

The blame can be put clearly on the Biden Regime and their reckless policies of failing to protect the border. When people know there is an open invitation, they are willing to risk their lives. The U.S.- Mexican border is one of the most dangerous according to the Interntional Organization For Migration. In 2022 alone, 686 people either died or were unaccounted for.


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