House RINOs Reportedly Looking to Expel Matt Gaetz Based on the Findings from the Ongoing Ethics Committee Investigation: “We Want Him Out”


A faction within the Republican Party is reportedly considering the expulsion of Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) based on anticipated findings from an upcoming House ethics report.

Multiple unnamed House Republicans have reportedly stated that they want Gaetz gone from the caucus.

A recent report from CNN cited an unnamed House Republican stating that the caucus “wants Gaetz gone,” indicating a willingness to use an ongoing Ethics Committee investigation into Gaetz as grounds for his expulsion. This investigation is reportedly probing allegations of sexual misconduct, illicit drug use, or other misconduct by Gaetz.

“We want him out,” the unnamed member reportedly said.

Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich further reported that House Republicans are actively preparing to oust Gaetz, pending the outcome of the Ethics Committee report. “No one can stand him at this point,” Heinrich quoted another unnamed House Republican as saying, describing Gaetz as “a smart guy without morals.”

Gaetz issued a response on X (formerly Twitter):

Rep. Paulina Luna (R-FL) weighed in, stating, “TO be clear: It is UNETHICAL to threaten to expel a member for following and using house rules that the ENTIRE conference agreed too. This game works both ways just FYI to any MEMBER who thinks they can blackmail a legislator into not legislating.”

Rep. Matt Rosendale of Montana also weighed in, “Congress is broke! Both functionally and financially! I was sent here to do something about it. Montanans sent me here to stand up to the D.C. Cartel and ensure regular order is restored to Congress. That includes single-subject legislation, 72 hours to review bills, delivery of the 12 appropriations bills, and to hold leadership accountable!”

Fox News reported: “The House Ethics Committee has been investigating Gaetz since 2021 on allegations, including campaign finance violations as well as claims of taking bribes and using drugs – accusations the congressman has vehemently denied. Gaetz also denies allegations leaked from a Justice Department sex trafficking probe said to have involved an underage girl.”

It can be recalled The New York Times published a hit piece on popular Trump-supporter Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) saying the Florida Congressman was under investigation for dating a 17-year-old girl.

The Gateway Pundit later spoke with a source close to Matt Gaetz, who told us this NY Times report was completely false. Gaetz is not the target of the investigation.  We were also told none of the women he was seeing were underage.

More from Fox News:

House GOP members are preparing a motion to expel Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., amid his renewed threat to pursue a motion to vacate House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The House Republican members will seek to expel Gaetz if the ethics committee report comes back with findings of guilt, Fox News has learned. One member told Fox News the report is mostly written but does not know what it contains. Yet following threats to vacate McCarthy, the member said of Gaetz, “No one can stand him at this point. A smart guy without morals.”

It takes a two-thirds vote to expel. And Republicans are treading on thin ice with their majority. The House is down to 433 members. It’s unclear where things stand with federally indicted Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y. If you were to have members expelled, retire or die, the majority could be right on the edge for the GOP.

This news comes after Rep. Matt Gaetz threatened to file the motion to vacate House Speaker Kevin McCarthy this week.

Gaetz, a staunch Trump supporter, represents the populist, America-first wing of the party that seeks to challenge the establishment. Gaetz frequently defends traditional conservative values and pushes back against the progressive agenda. His often confrontational and no-holds-barred approach to politics has made him a threat to the establishment.

On Sunday, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) joined ABC’s This Week and CNN’s State of the Union following the vote last night by the US House of Representatives to avert a shutdown with a 45-Day Stop-Gap Resolution that did not fund Ukraine.

Gaetz told Jon Karl on ABC’s This Week that his plan to bring forward a House vote on Kevin McCarthy’s speakership.

Gaetz says this is an “exercise to show the American people who really governs you.” Adding, “I actually think Democrats are going to bail out Kevin McCarthy.”

Speaking on CNN, Gaetz clarified that his filing against the ouster of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is not fueled by personal grievances.

“This isn’t personal, Jake. This is about spending,” Gaetz said Sunday. “This is about the deal Kevin McCarthy made. If Kevin McCarthy didn’t want to keep the deal to return to pre-COVID spending, if he didn’t want to keep the deal to have single subject spending bills, not vote for government spending all up or down at once, then he shouldn’t have made that deal. So this is about keeping Kevin McCarthy to his word. It’s not about any personal animus.”

“If Kevin McCarthy is still the speaker of the House, he will be serving at the pleasure of the Democrats. He will be working for the Democrats. The only way Kevin McCarthy is speaker of the House at the end of this coming week is if Democrats bail them out now, they probably will.”

“I will make no deal with Democrats and concede no terms to them. I actually think Democrats should vote against Speaker McCarthy for free. I don’t think I should have to deal with that.”

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