HORRIFYING: Three Vicious Youths Brutally Beat Helpless Oklahoma Teen and Then Attempt to Burn Down Her Apartment (VIDEO)

Credit: Oklahoma City Police Department

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Oklahoma City police are desperately seeking the public’s help in identifying three vicious youths who beat the tar out of an innocent teen and tried to burn her apartment down, according to a local media report published on Friday.

As KFOR reported, the horrifying attack was originally captured on a cell phone camera and went viral this week on social media.

OKC Police posted the video Thursday to Facebook to help identify the perpetrators. Please be forewarned the contents are disturbing.


In the video, the three suspects push the helpless girl to the ground, yank her hair and kick her multiple times in the head. They also punch her and pull her earrings out during the assault as the Daily Mail notes.

OKC police say the beating continued for some time. The victim was left with red marks on the right side of her face, ear, and cheek areas according to the police report.

The police report also notes that a bystander could not recall “which suspect did what during the attack.” It’s safe to say this will not prove helpful to the investigation.

After the beatdown, police say the suspects then attempted to bust into the victim’s apartment and set it ablaze.

“The same suspects attempted to break into the victims apartment and set fire to it,” said Sgt. Dillon Quirk.

Quirk then revealed the charges the three youths will likely face as a result of this incident.

The suspects could see some assault type charges, possibly, possibly arson, burglary. Just have to see how the D.A. wants to handle it.

OKC Police are requesting that anyone with information regarding the suspects’ identities to contact Crime Stoppers: (405) 235-7300 or www.okccrimetips.com.


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