Hooverville Reincarnated: NYC Mayor Eric Adams Considers Handing Out Free Tents for Illegal Immigrants to Camp in City Parks

New York City officials are considering handing out free tents to arriving illegal immigrants and setting up campsite shelters in public parks as a massive influx of asylum seekers and migrants arrive in the Big Apple.

Mayor Eric Adams, alongside other New York City officials, has been in talks of potentially setting up encampments in public parks all throughout New York City and the surrounding area.

Currently, the city has over 65,000 people being housed, but that number is expected to rise and will leave thousands in the streets without housing.

The talks of handing out free tents and creating encampments in New York Parks are eerily similar to New York’s previous history of Hooverville in Central Park.

In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, New York City’s Central Park was taken over by unemployed workers who built shanty towns out of leftover scrap metal, cardboard, and wood.

These various shanty towns that stretched out in several major U.S. cities were called Hoovervilles due to many Americans believed President Herbert Hoover caused the Great Depression.

Per The New York Post:

Big Apple officials are weighing handing out small tents to arriving migrants and setting up campsite-style shelters in public parks as the city plans for the potential next phase of its ongoing asylum seeker crisis, The Post has learned.

Mayor Eric Adams and other officials have been discussing the potential encampments and searching for large outdoor spaces in a bid to cope with the relentless influx of migrants flooding Gotham, a source confirmed Wednesday.

Details of the budding proposal, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, came just one day after Hizzoner warned migrants would soon be sleeping on the streets given the city has run out of space to house the 65,000 people already in its care.

While the city has already set up Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Center pop-up sites — including at Randall’s Island and Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens — to help shelter hundreds of single adult migrants, the possible new plan would be more like campground sites in parks and other outdoor spaces, those familiar with the talks said.

Currently, Adams has in place a policy that requires migrants to leave their free housing after 30 days and 60 days for families that have kids.


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