Hillary Clinton Trashes Trump as a “Wannabe Dictator”

Hillary Clinton trashed Trump and called him a “wannabe dictator” during an interview with PBS News Hour this week.

PBS’s Geoff Bennett threw a softball at Hillary Clinton and asked her if she thinks Trump Republicans are Fascists.

“On this matter of extremists within the GOP, President Biden has said that the Trump Republicans, the MAGA Republicans, as he puts it, are semi-fascists, and that there’s this growing authoritarian strain in the Republican Party,” Geoff Bennett asked Hillary Clinton.

“Do you see it that way? And what’s the best way to remedy that, if you do see it that way?” Bennett asked.

Joe Biden arrested his main political opponent but Trump is the dictator, according to Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton lashed out at Trump and called him a wannabe dictator:

I do see it that way.

And I’m not — I’m not happy about saying that. And I know President Biden wasn’t happy, because it sounds so discordant to our ears. How could we be growing a kind of authoritarian political force inside our country? The people who are at the leadership level of all of that, both elected and unelected, are promoting lies and being incredibly divisive and, frankly, being loyal to a wannabe dictator.

And how did we get here? I don’t know all the answers. Lots of people are writing books about that. But I do know you have to do several things. You have to defeat those people at the polls. And there’s nothing more important than sending a resounding message. Let’s get back to regular politics.

You and I can agree or disagree, as Democrats and Republicans from different regions of our country, different kinds of points of view, but let’s get back to having a fact-based political discussion, where, yes, OK, what do you think about climate change and how we’re going to deal with it, or what do you think about our economy and how we’re going to grow it?

Let’s have that kind of discussion. But let’s move away from the lies and the personal attacks and the kind of nonsense moves, like impeaching Joe Biden for nothing simply because you disagree with him politically.

I was in the Senate, as you know, for eight years. If you have ideas — speaking to the House extremists, if you have ideas about how we should govern our country, do the work you are elected to do. Have committee meetings, mark up legislation, take votes. Then work to try to reconcile whatever the Senate comes up with.

That’s what used to happen, the so-called regular order. So go to work. Don’t be walking around engaging in Twitter fights and insults and personal attacks. That’s — that is not the way we’re supposed to govern ourselves. It’s no way for a great country to behave.

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