HE’S SHOT: Dr. Jill Helps a Confused Joe Biden Shuffle Off Stage (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Saturday delivered remarks at the 2023 Human Rights Campaign National Dinner.

As usual, Biden’s speech was full of gaffes and lies.

“We made human rights for LGBT around the world a top priority of my foreign policy … defending human rights in countries to pass anti-gay laws!” Biden shouted.

He also repeated the dubious claim that he once saw two men kissing each other on a street corner in Delaware in the 1950s.

“I was raised by a man who was a really decent honorable man,” Biden said. “I remember, he was dropping me off, I wanted to be – I wanted to work in the projects as a lifeguard in east side Wilmington….and as I got out of the car…two men…they leaned up and kissed one another and I’d never seen that before…” Biden said.

“I just turned and looked at my dad and he said Joey, it’s simple. They love each other,” Biden claimed.

Biden claimed gay couples in the US are being thrown out of restaurants for being gay.

“When a person can be married in the morning and thrown out of a restaurant for being gay in the afternoon, something is still fundamentally wrong in this country — and that still exists!” Biden shouted.

After delivering a brief speech, Biden looked around confused.

Dr. Jill came to the rescue and guided Biden off stage.


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