Here We Go: Marc Elias and National Democrats Sue Wisconsin to Block Absentee Voter Witness Requirements – Anything to Steal an Election!

National Democrats led by far left attorney Marc Elias are suing the state of Wisconsin to block absentee voter witness requirements.

Elias and Democrats want to rid US elections of rules and procedures that prevent Democrats from cheating and stealing votes.  This is their latest action.

The current Wisconsin law requires a witness sign and address an absentee ballot envelope.  This makes it harder for Democrats to cheat.  Of course, Democrats want this eliminated.

When liberal Democrats like Elias can’t legislate their radical agenda to foist upon all Americans, they simply file lawsuits with friendly circuit courts in hopes of accomplishing their radical agenda.

The Republican Party remains absent and silent from this latest move by Elias and the Democrats.  We have grown accustomed to that.

The AP reported:

A national Democratic law firm on Monday challenged Wisconsin’s witness requirements for absentee voting, arguing that the state is violating the federal Voting Rights Act by demanding a witness signature on ballot envelopes.

Elias Law Group, representing four Wisconsin voters, called the requirement a “burden” to voters in the lawsuit, which they filed in federal court against the Wisconsin Elections Commission and other elections officials.

State law requires clerks to reject absentee ballots that are missing a witness’ address or signature. A Wisconsin judge ruled last year that elections officials cannot correct or fill in missing information on witness certifications, a practice known as ballot curing.

The Voting Rights Act prohibits states from requiring a voter to “prove his qualifications by the voucher of registered voters or members of any other class.”

The elections commission did not immediately respond to an email on Monday seeking comment and asking how many ballots have been rejected over missing witness information in recent elections.

TGP guest contributor Jefferson Davis wrote about the numerous lawsuits Democrats have filed in the State of Wisconsin.

  • On July 20, 2023, Attorney Marc Elias, architect of the many frivolous, but successful “election” lawsuits in 2020 across America, filed a major lawsuit in Dane County that may have detrimental consequences for election integrity if ruled in favor of by a judge.
  • This same strategy was exercised by former Democrat US Attorney General Eric Holder leading up to the 2020 election cycle. Holder pushed to file lawsuits all across America to redraw legislative district maps to favor progressive liberal democrat candidates.
  • The main takeaways from the Elias Lawsuit filing in Dane County involve arguing that the United States Postal Service is an “unsecured” mechanism for delivering absentee ballots.  Therefore, absentee ballot drop boxes need to be immediately reimplemented for the 2024 election cycle in violation of current election law in Wisconsin.  Absentee ballots do not need a witness in violation of current election law in Wisconsin.  Voters will be able to “cure” their absentee ballots regarding missing statutory requirements well after Election Day in violation of current election law in Wisconsin.
  • A coalition of progressive liberal Democrat attorneys and so-called “voter rights” groups filed another lawsuit directly with the Wisconsin Supreme Court this week to have the Wisconsin Supreme Court redraw Wisconsin’s legislative districts instead of what Wisconsin’s constitution provides that it’s the Legislature’s constitutional charge to do so. These groups bypassed the normal legal process in hopes of getting a quick ruling from the new progressive liberal majority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
  • The Wisconsin Election Commission, Administrator Wolfe and some members of the Wisconsin Senate are named as respondents before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. 
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