Glenn Beck Tells Megyn Kelly the U.S. is Unprepared for War, Says Biden ‘Has Screwed This Country up so Many Different Ways’ (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck recently appeared on the Megyn Kelly podcast, where he spoke about a couple of things.

He talked about the horror unfolding in Israel and the disgusting reaction from leftists and groups like BLM.

Then he spoke about the fact that this could lead to another war, that the U.S. is completely unprepared for due to Biden’s disastrous presidency.

Real Clear Politics provides a transcript:

GLENN BECK: We are headed for not just a regional war, but I believe we’re headed for a global war. You can’t have Hezbollah in the north, Hamas on the south and what will be the IRGC coming in from the Syrian side. It’s going to overwhelm Israel and, honestly, it will take a miracle to keep us out of WWIII.

However, miracles have happened with Israel over and over again…First of all, this is – in some dark way – a blessing if we look at it this way. This is the first time – in human history that I know of – somebody has said who they are, and then proven it. Hitler, when he said ‘I’m gonna kill all the Jews.’ It was in print, it was everywhere, but nobody wanted to believe him because it was too horrific. He even tried to cover it with a final solution and then cover it at the end. He didn’t want to be known as that guy. So we didn’t know.

This time, we know. They say ‘it is not about a second state. It is about killing the Jews,’ period. We know what they say. We know what they do. They put it on social media. They wanted the world to see it. So this goes into not only who Hamas is, but who is Iran, who is Hezbollah, who is the IRGC, who is Black Lives Matter. Who are the people that are in our own Congress, in our own schools that are endorsing this or turning a blind eye?…

What you’re seeing now is such an incompetent President. He [Biden] has screwed this country up so many different ways. We’re an unprepared for military… We go to war, gas prices will easily be $10 a gallon. There’ll be shortages of things because he has screwed us in the end.

Watch the video below:

It’s difficult to disagree with Beck’s point about what Biden has done to the country and it’s scary to contemplate what the coming months may bring.


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