Georgia’s Lt. Governor Wants to Pay Teachers an Extra $10,000 to Carry Guns in Schools

Georgia’s Lt. Governor Burt Jones is proposing that teachers in the state be paid an extra $10,000 to carry guns in schools.

The idea is that this will prevent school shootings or at least give people in schools a fighting chance if a shooting occurs.

This has been suggested in other places in recent years and it’s not a bad idea. A shooter might think twice if they know staffers in a school are armed.

The Associated Press reports:

Georgia’s lieutenant governor wants to pay teachers $10,000 a year to carry guns at school

Georgia’s lieutenant governor said Wednesday that he wants to pay teachers $10,000 a year to encourage them to carry guns in schools.

Republican Lt. Gov. Burt Jones, speaking at Austin Road Elementary School in Winder on Wednesday, said he wants the state to spend more money on school safety, including paying for teachers and other non-officers to take firearms training, and paying teachers who hold a firearms training certificate an annual stipend.

His plan also calls for stricter standards for already-required school safety plans and boosting money the state gives schools to hire school resource officers with police certification. Salary and benefits for such officers can cost $80,000 or more.

“We feel like this is the best way to prepare faculty, but also prepare law enforcement and the system however we can,” Jones said, saying the state should be “proactive” to prevent shootings.

Former President Donald Trump and others have called for arming teachers, saying gun-free school zones are targets for armed assailants.

Jones is quite serious about this.

The left will hate this idea but it makes perfect sense.


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