Former BBC Chief Political Correspondent Defends Network for Refusing to Call Hamas Killers ‘Terrorists’ (Video)

Former BBC Chief Political Correspondent John Sergeant and Gary Mond, National Jewish Assembly Chairman

Former BBC Chief Political Correspondent John Sergeant appeared on GB News, to defend the BBC’s disgusting decision to not label Hamas a terrorist organization.

Top barristers have written to The Office of Communications (Ofcom) accusing the BBC of flouting impartiality by refusing to accurately label Hamas. Ofcom is a government-approved regulatory and competition authority for the broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries in the U.K.

The discussion, which focused on the growing complaints against the BBC for their biased reporting on Israel-Hamas conflict, was led by Patrick Christys and also featured National Jewish Assembly Chairman Gary Mond.

Sergeant: To you it’s common sense.

Christys: Do you not think it’s common sense (to call someone a terrorist who ) slit a baby’s throat?

Sergeant: Oh sure it’s not…no…that is an atrocity.

Christys: That’s a terrorist act.

Sergeant: No, it’s a different matter.  You are trying to…if you…if you ask me what do I think about that, straightforward. I left the BBC more than 20 years ago, what do I think about that? Hamas…terrorism…right…this is a terrorist act.  That’s quite straight forward.

Ask me if I’m back in the BBC as a BBC correspondent, what the BBC should do, that is of course completely different. The BBC does not have an agenda. The BBC are not trying to decide who has done well or badly in the middle east, and then tell people what they should think.

Christys: To some people, it makes them look like they do have an agenda.

Mond: I hear what John says but, with great respect, those are weasel words.

The Kind of England, the Prince of Wales, the government, the opposition parties, they have all condemned Hamas as a terrorist organization.  And more than that, they are also a genocidal murderous terrorist organization.

Their mission is to murder every Jew in the world. Ok, they may not succeed in that, but they’ve made a jolly good start by killing a thousand, more than a thousand, people in Israel.  Okay? It is completely unacceptable to do anything other than condemn them.  You see, this is struggle where it’s just not possible to be neutral.

In many, many conflicts and wars over the last 50 year there have been a lot of people who have been neutral. This is one where the one side youv’e got a group whose objective is literally to kill people in large numbers and to carry on killing them as far as they’re able to do.  And on the other side you’ve got innocent people who are trying to get on with their lives.

Christys: John, the BBC does call other people terrorists.

Sergeant:Yeah, sure they do.

But not Hamas.


Ofcom itself is facing charges of bias.  Fadzai Madzingira, Ofcom’s  safety supervision director, has been suspended after allegedly ‘liking’ an Instagram post accusing Israel of “the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Palestinians”.

The Telegraph reports:

According to the Guido Fawkes website, Ms Madzingira – on her private Instagram account – liked a post from the Black Lives Matter UK account, which read: “As if it wasn’t bad enough already, the UK is also set to participate in the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Palestinians.

“Shame on this vile colonial alliance.” The post carried the hashtag #freepalestine.

Ms Madzingira also allegedly posted her own comments about the “continued targeting of Palestinians”, saying: “I could not process that we continue to act with surprise at what happens in an apartheid state…”

She continued: “To see Jewish activists protest loudly that they or their loved ones survived Auschwitz so they *must* stand with Palestine… it just seems so clear to me.”


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