EXCLUSIVE: Israeli Surveillance Drone Video of the Fully Intact and Undamaged Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza after Rocket Hits Parking Lot – NOT the Hospital

The Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza was hit by a missile on Wednesday night. The hospital was not struck. The leftwing media was wrong again.

On Tuesday evening a rocket reportedly hit the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza causing a massive explosion and resulting in the deaths of allegedly several hundred Palestinians.

The Palestinians, Islamic Jihad terror group and Western media immediately blamed Israel for the explosion.

This comes ten days after the largest slaughter of Jews since World War II. Over 1,300 Jews were massacred by Hamas and another 200 Jews were taken hostage back to Gaza on October 7.

The international media immediately blamed Israel for the rocket attack “on the hospital.”

But it now appears the story was fake news.

A rocket did not strike the hospital. It struck a parking lot. It was likely an Islamic Jihad missile that was fired from nearby in the urban area.
And 500 Palestinians did not die in the missile strike.

This image by XRVision shows the hospital still standing – with solar panels still intact following the missile strike.

Here’s a closeup of the hospital from this morning.

As reported earlier – There was a barrage of missiles fired by the Islamic Jihad in the area at around the same time.

And now The Gateway Pundit has exclusive video of Israeli satellite imagery from earlier Wednesday morning following the explosion. This non-public video shows the Al-Ahli hospital fully intact.

The satellite video also shows the parking lot was hit with a rocket – an Islamic Jihad rocket.

They tried to blame this on Israel!

Here is an image from the video.

A view from non-public Israeli video of the intact Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza following rocket strike in parking lot.

Here is a video of the hospital intact after the blast overnight.

Gaza hospital intact following rocket strike via Israeli satellite video – xrvision

And here is a Google Map of the hospital in 2022 with the same broken solar panels on the roof.

Satellite imagery of Gaza hospital parking lot from 2022. The image shows the same broken solar panels on roof as in Oct. 2023 after rocket blast in the parking lot.


The international media owes Israel an apology. Clearly, the fake news was fooled once again.

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