EXCLUSIVE: Mitt Romney Caught in a Lie – His CIA-Linked Advisor Was Placed on Burisma Board While He Was Impeaching President Trump

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Mitt Romney claims he didn’t know about Burisma when he voted to impeach President Trump, clearly lying because his former associate was on the Burisma Board too. 

It’s pretty clear that lying goes along with being a slimy politician.  Mitt Romney provides the proof. 

Romney voted for the Trump impeachment when President Trump was impeached for doing his duty and looking into the activities of US politicians in Ukraine.  Mitt Romney voted for the impeachment.

This week, Mollie Hemmingway from the Federalist reported on Romney’s new book where he claims that he had no idea about Hunter Biden’s actions as Board member of Ukrainian oil and gas giant Burisma.

Romney spent the fall of 2019 giving public interviews to left-wing media, in which he complained about Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and telegraphing his eventual vote in favor of impeachment. Yet Romney claims to have been shocked that conservatives weren’t elated with his grandstanding.

Prime-time hosts on Fox News, where I’m a contributor, were apparently “treating him with mounting hostility,” according to the book, which adds, “Sean Hannity accused Romney of ‘morphing’ into a ‘weak, sanctimonious Washington, swamp politician,’ and suggested the senator was simply ‘jealous’ of Trump’s myriad successes.”

Romney was hurt by Hannity’s remarks, according to the book, since the host had been a staunch supporter of Romney’s presidential campaign. Romney called up the man described as his “old buddy,” but the call did not go well. Hannity accused Romney of just trying to be liked by left-wing media. Then he asked why Romney wasn’t more outraged by the Burisma scandal, the entire issue that was at the heart of the Ukraine impeachment scandal.


When Joe Biden was vice president and in charge of looking into Ukrainian corruption, his son and his son’s business partner took extremely lucrative board positions with Burisma, a Ukrainian energy concern that was fighting off corruption investigations. The whole arrangement reeked to high heaven, and Trump was impeached for asking about Burisma in a phone call with Zelensky.

What happens next in the book is a shocking admission of profound ignorance from the senator, particularly considering his disdain for his Republican colleagues who did not fall for the impeachment. Romney admits to Hannity that even though he’s been signaling his support of the Democrat impeachment efforts, he actually has no idea what Burisma is. “How do you not know what Burisma is?” Hannity reportedly asks.


The next paragraph is Romney insulting Hannity, calling him jealous and stupid. Let’s observe here that Romney’s stated reason for not liking Trump is personal. He tells Coppins he is quite supportive of the conservative agenda advanced by Trump, but that he doesn’t like Trump because the former president is boorish and insults other people. It is absolutely true that Trump insults people he feels have betrayed him or who otherwise don’t support him. It is unclear why Romney, who has just used a friendly reporter to overload a book with similar insults, is so bothered by Trump doing it in a less passive-aggressive fashion than Romney does.

In any case, learning that Romney didn’t even know what Burisma was in the middle of the impeachment about Burisma that he voted for is not terribly surprising. But proud ignorance is not a virtue, and it’s certainly not principled.


Hemmingway concludes that Romney is not unaware of Burisma and ends it there.  But this is not the truth.  Like her book on the election, Hemmingway ignores the real story.

Mitt Romney was well aware of Burisma.  His close advisor was on the board of Burisma along with Hunter Biden.

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What we also uncovered was that Joseph Cofer Black, who joined the Burisma Board was also linked to Romney and the CIA.

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Hunter wanted to get someone on the Burisma Board from the CIA.  This was noted from an email on Hunter’s laptop.

Black was a former CIA official who joined Burisma’s Board in 2019.  Black is also connected to Senator Mitt Romney having served as his advisor for national security on Romney’s 2008 campaign as well as a special advisor for national security and foreign policy on Romney’s 2012 failed Presidential campaign.

Romney knew of Burisma.  His advisor from the CIA was placed on Burisma’s Board at the same time Romney was working to impeach President Trump. 
Romney was not telling the truth when he spoke with Hannity or when he voted to impeach President Trump.  
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