ELON MUSK: ‘We Are Sleepwalking Our Way Into World War Three’ (AUDIO)

Elon Musk recently participated in a group chat session on the platform and warned that we are ‘sleepwalking our way into World War 3.’

Tensions are high all over the world, but especially in the Middle East over the last two weeks. Joe Biden is not there mentally and our enemies are clearly emboldened.

Lots of people share Musk’s fear.

From Real Clear Politics:

ELON MUSK: That is correct. It’s roughly on par, let’s just say one could debate whether it is bigger, but the point is we don’t have an overwhelming advantage on industrial might and the foundation of war is economics. This should be obvious to everyone but it is often lost at this point, the foundation of war is economic power. Especially industrial output. How many tanks, guns, and drones can you make relative to the other side? That’s what it comes down to. And it may be the case, if not now, in the future it probably will be, that a Russia-China-Iran alliance can outproduce the Western alliance.

Let’s just say, that in order for there to be a global conflict, a World War Three, you have to have two superpower alliances where one can not easily defeat the other one. And that is the case. And that I think is a massive shift in thinking that most people do not understand. Most people on this call perhaps do understand but most do not. I think we want to try to avoid that. I hope it is not something that the tides of history are simply going to sweep us in that direction because there is a strong argument that these things are actually unavoidable and the tides of history will sweep us in that direction whether we like it or not. But we should try to avoid that if at all possible…

I think we are sleepwalking our way into World War Three, sleepwalking our way into World Wr Three with one foolish decision after another.

Listen below:

It’s scary to think about but Musk makes some very good points here.


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