Dr. Scott Atlas: Politicians and Doctors Still Pushing COVID-19 Vaccines Are a Complete Disgrace (VIDEO)

Dr. Scott Atlas resigned from his post as a temporary coronavirus advisor to President Trump in November 2020. Dr. Atlas was brought on in August 2020 as a special government employee for 130 days. Atlas resigned before his tenure ran out. Atlas’ less restrictive approach to the pandemic, especially on lockdowns and school closures was seen by many Trump supporters as a counter-point to the restrictive, doctrinaire views of leading White House Coronavirus Task Force members Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx.

Fauci and Birx destroyed millions of lives and killed millions of people with their COVID policies that prevented any promising medications from being distributed to the masses.

Dr. Atlas was pushed out of the COVID team despite the scientific evidence he brought to the team that was rejected.

It was only later that it was confirmed (what The Gateway Pundit had reported since early 2020) that Dr. Fauci funded the Wuhan labs where the doctors worked on gain-of-function experiments with COVID viruses.

Dr. Atlas early on rejected Fauci and Birx and their destructive and tyrannical policies. Atlas reported that two-thirds of COVID deaths had at least 6 comorbidities. Atlas unloaded on Fauci for his lockdowns that destroyed millions of lives. Atlas early on reported that there was no reason for children and young adults to take the dangerous vaccines that did not prevent a person from coming down with the disease.

This week Dr. Scott Atlas joined KUSI News out of San Diego to discuss the COVID vaccines that are still being pushed by the Biden regime.

Dr. Atlas told KUSI that doctors and politicians still pushing the COVID-19 vaccines are a complete disgrace.

Dr. Atlas: “I don’t know if we’ve elected the dumbest people in the country to be in charge or what’s happening here but, we have a country that now recommends a booster for everyone over six months of age. An experimental drug, for a virus, particularly children have no serious risk from who are healthy. This is a virus that has lost a lot of it’s lethality anyway. The overwhelming majority of people have long term immunological protection from previous infection. I don’t care what these bureaucrat say, we have to look at these numbers, look at the studies, look at the data, use your brain. I don’t know what else to say, it’s frightening, it’s very sad that these people have power still. I’ve said it before, we have to vote these people out… It will only end by people having a brain, common sense… (on doctors prescibing COVID vaccines) They are a complete disgrace. Most of our doctors are really sheep.”

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