Conservative Polish Government Blasts Germany Ahead of Legislative Election, Say Berlin Pushes Liberal Donald Tusk to Bend Country to Globalist EU Policies

Less than ten days to the Legislative Elections, Poland’s Conservative ruling party is using its sharp differences with Globalist Germany as a political stand.

Poland’s conservative government had long been targeted by the European liberal intelligentsia for not towing to many EU Globalist policies.

In Poland, this continental pressure is crystallized in the minds of the voters with the image of long-time foe Germany.

Ties between Poland and Germany have been frayed since the conservative PiS party first came to power in 2015, and they are worsening.

In the run-up to the election, PiS is now fighting to win an unprecedented third term in office.

In the campaign, Poland’s nationalist government targeted on a threat close to home: Germany, a NATO ally and also their biggest trading partner.

Reuters reported:

“In a tight race ahead of Poland’s Oct. 15 election, leaders of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party have accused Germany of trying to dictate Polish government policy from Berlin on anything from migration to gas.”

The Polish-German feud is concerning to Europe’s front of support for Ukraine.

PiS leadership alleges Germany is plotting to install back in power their opponent, liberal former prime minister Donald Tusk.

PiS is leaning on mistrust towards Germans that still runs high in part of the electorate.

“‘Do you know where you can read the (opposition’s campaign) program? In German newspapers’, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told a campaign event.

His party casts Tusk, who said his grandfather was forcibly conscripted into the Nazi Wehrmacht during World War Two before escaping to the Allied side, as a German puppet and the ‘political husband’ of former German chancellor Angela Merkel. A campaign video also mocked Merkel’s successor Olaf Scholz.”

Plans for a joint hub in Poland to repair German-made Leopard tanks damaged in battle in Ukraine quickly collapsed.

“Many Poles, included 56% of respondents in the opinion poll, feel Germany has not done enough to compensate for the damage inflicted by the war. PiS has called on Germany to pay over 1 trillion euros in reparations, which Berlin rejected.”

Some analysts believe the Polish rhetoric towards Berlin could be dialed down after the elections.

But deep differences on both sides are likely to persist, including over migration.

The Guardian reported:

“As campaign videos go, it’s arguably one of the less sophisticated. To the booming soundtrack of Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, a man with a strong foreign accent makes a phone call from the German embassy in Warsaw. His request: to arrange a call between Germany’s chancellor and Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party (PiS).

Asked if he would like to speak with Olaf Scholz about Poland’s retirement age, raised under Donald Tusk, Poland’s former prime minister and the current opposition leader, Kaczyński refuses. ‘Tusk has gone; these customs have changed’, he says, and hangs up. An economically resurgent Poland, implies the video, will not dance to Berlin’s tune, all thanks to the firm nationalist leadership of the PiS.”

PiS has used hard attacks on Tusk’s supposed ‘obeisance to Germany’ in a extraordinary way.

“Since last year, the Polish government has been feeding its electoral base by demanding war reparations of €1.3tn from Germany. But, as the election campaign has intensified, the central thrust of the PiS campaign has been to portray ‘Herr’ Donald Tusk as subservient or even in the pay of Berlin. A regular claim of [PiS leader] Kaczyński’s is that the Germans want ‘to embed’ Tusk in Poland ‘in order to privatize Polish assets’.”

The PiS leader also claimed that Germany would deceive Ukraine and restore relations with Moscow, to buy cheap Russian energy. The German national character, he said, ‘is to strive for domination at all costs’.

“But with PiS ahead in the polls, there is no sign that the anti-German rhetoric will stop, and there are increasing signs that Berlin is prepared to answer back. In fact, towards the end of last month, at a campaign rally in Nuremberg, Scholz did just that.”

From the outset the PiS campaign has been built around two themes: threat of immigration and Tusk’s election meaning a triumph for Berlin.

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