Congressman Adam Schiff Reveals He Doesn’t Know How Elections Work

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‘He forgot to read his Constitution (if he owns a copy)’

U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., has revealed that as a sitting member of Congress he doesn’t even know how American elections work.

And he’s gotten schooled, bluntly, in “community notes” on the social media platform X.

His admission of his ignorance about elections came in a diatribe he posted about Republicans, whom he’s targeted for years already.

He was complaining about the possibility they would elect Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, as the new speaker.

Wrong, said “readers” on X.

“The vice president, not the speaker, presides over counting of electoral college votes; and whomever is chosen as speaker in Oct. 2023 will only be speaker during he 1/6/25 electoral count if House Rs retain majority in Nov. 2024.”

It included links to the government documents confirming that.

The “context” to Schiff’s misleading statement was provided by “people who use X.”

A commentary at Twitchy said, “Poor Rep. Adam Schiff. He just can’t get away with lying to the world anymore. On Tuesday, Adam tried to scaremonger everyone again about Rep. Jim Jordan possibly becoming Speaker of the House. Unfortunately, Adam forgot to read his Constitution (if he owns a copy), specifically the 12th Amendment.”

The site posted memes including one image showing Schiff with an extended Pinocchio nose, another reference to “bullschiff,” and one with his face plastered over with “LIAR” slogans.

In fact, Schiff has built his career on attacking Republicans, to the point Congress censured him for lying about the 2016 Trump-Russian collusion conspiracy theory that he promoted. He claimed to have seen evidence of that conspiracy, even though there wasn’t any.

He even was targeted by a motion to expel him from Congress for his egregious comments.

He also inserted a fabricated Trump phone transcript into the Congressional Record and then suggested American people were too stupid to decide elections.

The late radio talk-show giant, Rush Limbaugh, once described Schiff as “a lying sack of excrement,” and President Trump charged that Schiff simply made up things in order to attack Republicans.

Schiff was a key actor in Nancy Pelosi’s two failed impeach-and-remove schemes against Trump, and he’s been the target of a complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics over his “false claims” about Trump.

He also was accused of illegally leaking classified information from the House Intelligence Committee. And when the GOP moved into the House majority earlier this year, he was removed from committee assignments after being found by the party to be a “serial liar.”

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