CNN Issues Humiliating Correction, Admits to Unquestioningly Parroting Terrorist Talking Points

The disinformation operation known as CNN has issued a correction to a story that claimed Israel had bombed a hospital in Gaza, a claim that has since been proven false.

In the correction, the far-left, low-rated network essentially admitted that it had breathlessly parroted Hamas’ narrative without a second thought.

CNN was among numerous establishment media outlets (and elected officials) that jumped on claims that Israel targeted a hospital in Gaza last week.

An archive of the network’s initial story on the blast shows a headline blaring, “Israel hits hospital and school in Gaza as blockade puts healthcare system in state of ‘collapse.’”

“A school and a hospital in Gaza were among the places lethally blasted by Israeli airstrikes on Tuesday as humanitarian concerns mount over ongoing deprivation of food, fuel and electricity to the isolated population,” CNN irresponsibly reported.

“The strike on Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza is likely to have killed hundreds, the Palestinian Health Ministry said in a statement, adding that there are still many people under the hospital rubble. CNN has asked the IDF for comment on [the] hospital strike.”

Those lines were the opener of a lengthy report on the plight of Gazans “under siege” by Israel, which is retaliating against Hamas after the terrorist group killed, wounded, raped and kidnapped thousands of Israeli civilians on Oct. 7.

Naturally, there was much more to the story than what CNN reported, including the fact that the Palestinian Health Ministry — the source of the inflammatory claim that Israel bombed the hospital — is controlled by Hamas.

It turns out that Islamic militants fired the rocket that hit the hospital, not Israel. That rocket was probably intended to kill Israeli civilians but instead killed Palestinians — and much fewer than Hamas claimed.

That’s exactly what Israel said had happened, and what it presumably would have told CNN had the network waited for a comment instead of rushing to publish fake news on the word of terrorists.

CNN isn’t sorry for reporting fake news. It is not apologizing for carrying water for people who murder women and children.

Instead, it quietly issued a correction that is highly unlikely to reach as many readers as its initial, false reporting did.

The correction reads:

CORRECTION: This article on the Gaza hospital blast initially did not clearly attribute claims about Israel’s responsibility to the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health in Gaza. Israel later said a ‘misfired’ rocket by militant group Islamic Jihad caused the blast and produced evidence to support its claim.

US President Joe Biden said the Israeli position is backed by US intelligence. CNN’s forensic analysis of images and videos suggests a rocket fired from within Gaza caused the blast, not an Israeli airstrike.

CNN’s decision to correct the record is, of course, better late than never. But the damage has already been done.

The saga goes to show just how much resistance Israel is facing from all sides as it tries to prevent its citizens from being annihilated by jihadists.

The country can’t even count on the American media to sort out the facts before making itself a megaphone for people whose sole goal in life is to wipe Israel off the map.

There is simply no bottom to how low the far-left media will stoop.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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