Clay Clark’s Reawaken Tour is Coming to Trump Doral in Miami This Weekend – Oct. 13 and 14

Guest Post by Joe Hoft

The ReAwaken America Tour continues this weekend (October 13 and 14) at Trump Doral in Miami and Joe Hoft will be one of the speakers at this event. 

Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour continues next weekend in Florida.  The event will be held at Trump Doral in Miami.  The event will open with a prayer vigil on Thursday evening October 12th.

On Friday morning, the event kicks off with prayer followed by General Flynn leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  After that, numerous speakers will present on topics related to politics, the 2020 Election Steal, COVID crimes and the World Economic Forum.

Great speakers at this event include General Flynn, Roger Stone, Eric Trump, Mike Lindell, Malik Obama, Joe Hoft, and many more.  Many doctors will present, including Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Eric Nepute, and many more.

Throughout the event pastors and religious leaders will also share and lead prayers.

A message from Archbishop Vigano in Italy will be presented.  This was put together by some good friends in Italy so he could share his message with the participants.

Please support this event by participating or through your donations and with your prayers.   Hope to see you there. 


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