Church Music Director Cleared of Charge After Protester Sounded Bullhorn at Head

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Targeted with ‘horrific concerted pro-abortion effort to ruin our lives’

A church music director has been cleared of a charge that he overreacted when a pro-abortion protester launched a verbal assault – through a bullhorn that was positioned near his head.

The report comes from the Thomas More Society, which explained the background.

It was when Nathan Perry and his wife traveled to the Indiana statehouse in 2022 to observe lawmakers when an abortion ban was being considered.

“One young woman, a part of a raucous contingent of the crowd, blasted a bullhorn near Perry’s head – causing him to react and push out to protect himself. His reaction knocked the bullhorn back toward the woman,” the legal team documented. “As the young woman moved back, she directed profanities against Perry. Following the incident, the Perrys left the scene while the mob hollered for the police. Indiana State Police on site did not react, intervene, or see any cause for concern.”

What followed was a campaign of “online harassment and doxing” that targeted Perry and his wife, and “They were stalked online, along with their church and employers.”

“It was a horrific concerted pro-abortion effort to ruin our lives and make an example of us because we did not embrace the pro-abortion message,” explained Perry.

Then came the “wrongful felony prosecution brought by Indianapolis officials.”

A bench trial before Marion Superior Court Magistrate Ronnie Huerta found Perry not guilty of “battery.”

“I learned way more than I wanted to in the process,” said Perry. “This has been a steep hill to climb. I am so thankful for the support of the Thomas More Society along this spiritual journey. We are starting over, but our faith has grown, and God has brought us through this journey.”

Perry said the pro-abortion radicals did succeed in disrupting his life.

“My reputation in the industry has been damaged, for two years I been unable to teach, not held a full-time job or benefits, and my parents’ health has suffered. All because these extremists had a goal to disrupt my life as an example, so no one will ever oppose their viewpoint.”

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