Cannibal Released From Connecticut Psych Ward Early For ‘Good Behavior’ Even Though He Told Psychiatrist He Wanted to Eat Her Flesh

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Tyree Smith, a brain-eating cannibal, was released from a Bridgeport, Connecticut psych ward 50 years earlier than his scheduled release date for ‘good behavior’ even though he previously told his psychiatrist he wanted to eat her flesh.

“Tyree Smith is an individual with a psychiatric illness requiring care, custody and treatment,” the board stated in its report this week. “Since his last hearing Tyree Smith has continued to demonstrate clinical stability. Mr. Smith is medication compliant, actively engaged in all recommended forms of treatment, and has been symptom-free for many years.”

Smith, who was 36 at the time, was sentenced to 60 years in a psych ward in September 2013 (effectively a life sentence) after a jury found him not guilty of murder by way of insanity.

In December 2011, Smith murdered a homeless man, Angel Gonzalez, mutilated his body and ate his brains and eyeballs.

A psychiatrist previously testified that Smith said he heard voices that told him to eat Gonzalez’s brains and eyes ‘to better understand human behavior’ and ‘to gain vision into the spiritual real.’ He also expressed his desire to consume her flesh.

Tyree Smith was released from the psych ward this week after the state board determined he has been ‘symptom-free’ for many years.

“He denied experiencing cravings but stated that if they were to arise, he would reach out to his hospital and community supports and providers,” the report stated, according to the CT Post.

Excerpt from the CT Post:

A state board ordered the release of a former Florida man, who officials said killed a homeless man and then ate his brain and eyeballs.

It was a case that made national news.

Tyree Smith, who grew up in Bridgeport and Ansonia, was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity following a trial in July 2013 and ordered committed to a state psychiatric hospital for 60 years.

But this week, the state Psychiatric Security Review Board, ruled that Smith, after spending 10 years in the state’s most secure psychiatric hospital, is ready to be transitioned into the community. He has since been released and will be living in a Waterbury group home, according to the report. He is not to associate with anyone involved in criminal activity, the report states.

Sleep well, America.

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