BREAKING: Former GOP Candidate for MI Gov. and Father of 5 Is Sentenced to Prison Because Obama-Appointed Judge Didn’t Believe He Was “Truly Remorseful” For Non-Violent Jan 6 Misdemeanor Charge

Conservative husband and father of 5 Ryan Kelley, who ran in the MI GOP primary for governor in 2022, has been sentenced to prison over a misdemeanor charge for protesting outside the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Kelley owns the Nucon Real Estate company and is the sole breadwinner for his beautiful family.

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Kelley has admitted to attending the protest on January 6 in front of the Capitol building but has also been very clear that he never entered the Capitol. In one video that was shared on Twitter, Kelley can be seen telling the crowd, “They can’t stop us all.”

Ray Epps, who is still a free man today, was guilty of much worse, as he attempted to redirect hundreds and possibly even thousands heading to President Trump’s speech at the Ellipse to the Capitol building instead.

During a campaign speech, with his children in the background, Kelley explained how the FBI raided his home and arrested him in front of his wife and small children. The FBI raid took place while Kelley amid his campaign. At the time, Kelley was one of the frontrunners in the GOP gubernatorial primary race.

After almost four years of going through hell and not knowing how the new Democrat justice system would punish him for his non-violent role outside of the Capitol, Kelley learned his fate today, as he was sentenced to 60 days in federal prison.

According to NBC News, Kelley pleaded guilty in July 2023 to a misdemeanor count of entering and remaining on restricted grounds. He admitted he “rushed past U.S. Capitol police officers” and “used his hands to support another rioter who was pulling a metal bike rack onto the scaffolding.” Prosecutors also said he ripped a tarp on the inauguration stage.

Of course, it was decided by Judge Cooper that Kelley, who has no criminal record, should receive a harsh sentence for his misdemeanor charge because, in his opinion, the former Republican candidate for governor did not show enough remorse for his non-violent crime.

Kelley was sentenced by Obama-appointed Judge Christopher R. Cooper, who said he had “some serious concerns” that Kelley was “truly remorseful,” citing fundraising appeals Kelley made two years after the riot calling Jan. 6 an FBI set-up.

“He shouted into the already riled up crowd; he consistently beckoned the crowd of rioters forward, closer towards the Capitol Building and police; he supported another rioter as he was moving a metal bike rack towards the front of the mob on the Northwest stairs, towards those rioters who were closer to officers; and he took a photograph of human blood by the stairs,” prosecutors wrote.

The truth is, Kelley’s biggest crime was not blaming President Trump for his actions.

Kelley told the court, “It’s not his fault, the former president, for my actions that day. He did invite us there, but my actions are my actions, and I own those.”


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