Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Tells Reporters “We Wrote The Playbook on Beating [Kari Lake],” Says She’s “Happy to Share it” With Lake’s 2024 Senate Opponent

Fraudulently installed Soros-funded Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs recently told reporters that she “wrote the playbook on beating [Kari Lake]” while overseeing her own election as Secretary of State.

She added that she’s “happy to share it,” likely with Ruben Gallego, the early Democrat frontrunner in the 2024 Primary.

This comes after news of Kari Lake’s US Senate campaign announcement. As The Gateway Pundit reported, Lake held a massive rally in Scottsdale, Arizona, featuring a video from President Trump giving his Complete and Total Endorsement for Kari in 2024! Watch Lake’s full rally here.

“Kari is One of The Toughest Fighters in Our Movement” – President Trump Makes Unprecedented Endorsement for Kari Lake in Video Appearance DURING Campaign Announcement Rally (VIDEO)

After seeing Lake’s evisceration of Ruben Gallego, who literally asked for it at the airport, it’s clear he’s going to need all of the dirty tricks and fraud in the “playbook.”

KTAR reports,

PHOENIX — After former gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake announced her run for U.S. Senate, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs discussed the 2024 race.

Lake, a Republican, will join Pinal County Sherriff Mark Lamb in the GOP primary field, and U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego is expected to be the Democratic nominee — all vying for a seat currently held by independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.

Hobbs told reporters Wednesday that “nothing’s predictable” when running against Lake, who officially entered the Senate race Tuesday.

“But we wrote the playbook on beating her; [I’m] happy to share it with whoever’s gonna do the best job for Arizona in the Senate. I certainly don’t think it’s gonna be Kari Lake,” Hobbs said.

The perceived meaning here is that Hobbs’ campaign was the blueprint to beat Kari Lake, and they “wrote the playbook” to outnumber her at the ballot box with real voters.

However, the Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the intentional ballot printer and tabulator failures disproportionately targeting Republicans when polls opened at 60% of voting locations and the hundreds of thousands of “ghost voters,” whose ballots were counted with no chain of custody or signature ID checks.

Is it part of Hobbs’ playbook to not debate your opponent, a move many thought would cost her the general election until the enormous fraud they pulled off on election day? Or to hold campaign events with less than 30 people?

Or to be a racist? The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on Katie Hobbs’ history of racial discrimination against a black woman while serving in the Arizona Senate.

They did write the playbook on stealing elections in 2020, titled “Fake Ballots And Fake Signatures.” Then, they rewrote it in 2022 and named it “Fake Ballots, Fake Signatures, and Broken Machines.”

The real playbook is to steal elections.

The Gateway Pundit will provide updates on Kari Lake’s campaign and the 2024 election in Arizona.

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