3 People Dead After Fleeing Smuggler Causes Major Car Accident Near Port of Entry in El Paso

Once again, thank you to the Biden Regime for turning our border towns into cesspools of crime and violence. The blame can be put on these pack of thugs that currently run our Federal government.

Earlier on Saturday, a smuggler in El Paso at the Yselta Port of Entry tried to flee the scene. The result was a massive car accident in which three people were killed. The smuggler survived and was taken into custody by police.

It was a devastating scene, as one of the vehicles eventually caught fire shortly after the smuggler was captured.


NBC KTSM reported:

UPDATE: Three people were killed and three others were injured in a multi-vehicle crash Saturday morning, Oct. 14 in El Paso’s Lower Valley, El Paso Police said.

The crash happened at 8:25 a.m. at 700 S. Zaragoza near Americas, and four vehicles were involved, police said.

The three people who were injured were transported to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries, according to a police spokesperson. All were in their 20s.

Police did not have ages for the three people who were killed.

El Paso has been an overburdened border town with illegals pouring in from the border. The Gateway Pundit reported this week about two illegal aliens that assaulted a National Guardsmen.

Thanks to the Biden Regime, our southern border is a perpetual mess. Not only are they putting our civilians in danger, but also our National Guardsmen.

On Wednesday, two illegal aliens from Venezuela violently assaulted a National Guard Soldier in El Paso, Texas. According to Fox News’s Bill Melugin: “A woman grabbed the soldier around the neck, trying to push him down, while a male grabbed his leg, causing him to fall into razor wire. Both arrested.”

The message these illegals are getting is come to the U.S. and they will let you in. The illegals know the border laws are not being enforced. What is even more alarming is that they are assaulting our great soldiers because they are becoming more comfortable with lawlessness.


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