Zelensky Needs More Men for Meat Grinder: Ukraine Wants Draft Dodgers to Be Rounded Up in Europe

Photo: Maksym Mazur / Ukraine Ministry of Defence


As the Ukrainian “counter-offensive” loses about 700 casualties a day, President Volodymyr Selenski wants to round up draft dodgers in Western countries for his “Meat Grinder”, German Bild newspaper reports. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Nikolenko rejected calls for a negotiated settlement.

163,287 military-age males have fled to German since the beginning of the Russian invasion Feb 24, 2022, according to the German Interior Ministry. The Ukrainian Army, which is currently thought to be about 250,000 strong, has lost approx. 400,000 men, over 61,000 since the beginning of the Ukrainian “counter-offensive” June 4, 2023 alone, according to the Russian Defence Ministry.

Last week alone, Ukraine lost 5,610 men, 111 armored fighting vehicles and 139 field artillery guns, the Russian Ministry of Defence claims.

The Ukraine Defence Ministry claims Russia has lost 264,060 men since the start of the war. US officials, quoted by the New York Times, put the number at 70,000 dead and as many as 120,000 injured. Other sources put the number of Russian casualties at 50,000.

Even the pro-Biden Regime New York Times has had to concede that “the Ukrainian counteroffensive that began in early June has advanced only a few miles southward to reach Robotyne, in intense fighting with heavy casualties and equipment losses, and a similar distance on another axis to the east.”

“With their counteroffensive, Ukrainian commanders hope to drive a wedge through Russian-held areas, to cut off resupply to occupied territory in the south — Crimea and parts of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions”, the New York Times reports. “But even with its Western arsenal, the going has been slow and costly, raising questions about how far the Ukrainians can go.”

Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba told critics of the “counteroffensive”  to “shut up, come to Ukraine and try to liberate one square centimeter by themselves,” Kuleba said, speaking at a fancy EU foreign ministers’ meeting in the Spanish city of Toledo. Kuleba was not seen on the front lines either.

Since the end of May, “the Russians have lost just 0.1% of Ukrainian territory, and still occupy over 100,000 square kilometers, or around 17.5% of the country,” Le Monde reported in mid-August, calling the Russian defense lines “one of the largest defensive systems in Europe since World War II,” according to American analysts.

“We simply don’t have the resources to do the frontal attacks that the West is imploring us to do,” a source told The Economist.  “After a disastrous start in early June, when two Western-trained brigades lost an uncomfortable number of men and equipment in minefields, the initial plans were adjusted,“ The Economist writes.

Ukraine’s young men are “already bearing the burden of a war that has no end in sight”, The Economist reports. “For young men, in constant danger of being served conscription papers and sent to the front, the pressure is particularly intense. Those keen to fight volunteered long ago; Ukraine is now recruiting mostly among the unwilling.”

“Everyone knows that the cost of regained territory is dead soldiers”, the founder of troop support group Cvit (Blossom) Anastasia Zamula told The Economist.  “Even hoping for success in the counter-offensive has become an act of self-destruction.”

In August, President Volodymyr Selenski fired all his local draft board heads in the face of rampant corruption, with draft officials raking in $3,000 to $15,000 for a draft exemption, Bild newspaper reports.

“Amid a war that has killed tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians, a report that a $4.35-million seaside villa in Marbella had been purchased by Yevhen Borysov, the head of the Odessa regional military enlistment office — along with an office in the Spanish resort city and a luxury car — pushed public anger to a point where the government apparently decided it had to act”, US government-controlled Radio Free Europe reported.

Now the caucus leader of Selenski’s party David Arahamia wants to have Western countries round up Ukrainian draft dodgers, Bild reports.



The children of many Ukrainian oligarchs and politicians have also fled to the West, such as the son of saber-rattling Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Melnyk, who is said to be a student in Berlin and drive a Porsche Cayenne. It was not clear if the draft dodger rules would apply to the sons of oligarchs as well.

Germany’s leftist government has made it clear their new “transgender” law will not apply in wartime. So trans women are women, unless they are needed to go die in the Meat Grinder, in which case they are men again.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson in Budapest, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called for peace in Ukraine and a negotiated settlement.

Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Oleh Nikolenko scoffed at Orbán’s call for peace: “We don’t know how it is in Hungary, but Ukraine does not trade its territories or sovereignty. The world will not trade either. The Russian leadership, no matter how many public advocates it employs, will inevitably be held accountable for all the harm done to Ukrainians.”

The territory Ukraine seeks to retake is largely Russian-speaking and voted over 90% for unification with Russia in 2014.






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