WOW! Joseph Flynn Calls GA Lawyer Lin Wood A “Rat B*stard” After His Name Appears On Witness List In Case Against Trump

The formerly successful GA Attorney L. Lin Wood became a beloved figure of the conservative right after he successfully sued the dishonest mainstream media for falsely portraying the pro-life Covington Catholic teenager Nick Sandmann as a racist aggressor after a video surfaced of a confrontation between him and far-Left agitator Nathan Phillips.

In their fake news coverage of the story, the dishonest mainstream media led their audiences to believe that the teenager was mocking Native American activist Nathan Phillips and that, somehow, the elderly agitator was a victim.

Later, when the full video of the encounter revealed Phillips appeared to be attempting to instigate a confrontation with teenager, Sandmann was vindicated, but not before the media and their leftist followers attempted to completely destroy the teenager’s life and the lives of his teenage classmates who accompanied him on a bus from Kentucky to Washington D.C. where they marched in support of protecting the lives of the unborn.

President Trump and his supporters praised Lin Wood for bravely taking on the dishonest media in the Sandmann case, and his historic win against the fake news media quickly caught the attention of all Americans and catapulted him into celebrity status, especially in conservative circles. The top GA lawyer embraced his hero status and also began to display his mutual respect for President Trump publicly.

Following the disastrous 2020 election, Wood again became a hero to Trump supporters when he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell in their defense of Trump’s claim that the election was rigged in key swing states.

In early December, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell teamed up to host a joint press conference that turned into a rally in Georgia. Wood and Powell called for Republicans to boycott or refuse to vote in the January 5th special runoff election for US Senator. After allegedly losing the presidency as well as the majority in the House, the historic runoff election, which pitted Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue against two weak Democrat candidates, Ralph Warnock and John Ossoff, would determine which party would control the majority in the Senate. Conservatives suddenly began to openly question Lin Wood’s loyalty to the Republican Party, suggesting he may not be who he claimed to be and may even be posing as a conservative to boost his profile.

Former Speaker of the House and Georgia Republican Newt Gingrich blasted the legal duo for their outrageous suggestion, saying, “Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are totally destructive. Every Georgia conservative who cares about America MUST vote in the runoff. Their don’t vote strategy will cripple America!” he warned.

In November 2021, Kyle Rittenhouse, who was falsely accused and later acquitted of murdering two of his three attackers during a BLM riot in Kenosha, WI, made news when he appeared on Tucker Carlson, where he blasted Lin Wood, who temporarily represented him in his case. Rittenhouse accused Wood of keeping him in jail for 87 days, saying he “disrespected my wishes” by keeping him in jail and then justifying his decision by saying Rittenhouse was “safer in jail” than at home with his family.

Rittenhouse told then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson, “Lin Wood was raising money on my behalf, and he held me in jail for 87 days,” the teenager told Carlson that Wood “disrespected my wishes” while he raised over $2 million in his legal defense fund. Rittenhouse said Wood “put me on media interviews which I should never have done,” claiming he told him, ‘Oh, you’re going to go talk to The Washington Post,‘ which was not a good idea!”

Kyle Rittenhouse (L) Attorney Lin Wood (R)

The outspoken US Rep from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R), blasted Lin Wood for his handling of the Rittenhouse case. Wood responded to the feisty conservative US representative by saying she is “under the influence of the devil” and threatened to sue her and Tucker Carlson for defamation. Wood also threatened to sue Kyle Rittenhouse for calling him an “idiot.”

The bold US Rep from Georgia attacked Wood on Twitter, saying:

I’ve told everyone what a horrible person Lin Wood is, and if you watched @TuckerCarlson tonight, then you heard from Kyle Rittenhouse, one of the reasons why I think so.

She called him “evil” and accused him of keeping the money he raised for Kyle while the teenager sat in prison.

In a follow-up tweet, she said Mr. Wood should go to jail for what he did to Kyle, and she also blamed him for telling GA voters to stay home in the Jan 5th runoff election, causing the Senate to lose both critical seats.

Then, in January 2021, the State Bar of Georgia asked L. Lin Wood to undergo a psychiatric examination in response to complaints stemming from his role in promoting bizarre conspiracy theories about the presidential election.

The media painted a picture of an unstable Lin Wood while many conservatives began to distance themselves from him over his erratic behavior.

Reason wrote: While Trump called Chief Justice John Roberts (along with the rest of the Supreme Court) cowardly and incompetent for turning away lawsuits challenging the election results in battleground states, he did not join Wood in trying to implicate Roberts in murder and pedophilia. And while Trump castigated Vice President Mike Pence for failing to block congressional affirmation of the election results, Wood suggested that Pence should be executed for treason. “Get the firing squads ready,” Wood said in a January 7 Parler post. “Pence goes FIRST.”

Around the same time, Wood was permanently banned from Twitter. His online comments recently prompted one of his best-known clients, Nicholas Sandmann, to terminate their relationship. A Delaware judge this month barred Wood from representing former Trump adviser Carter Page.

“The conduct of Mr. Wood, albeit not in my jurisdiction, exhibited a toxic stew of mendacity, prevarication, and surprising incompetence,” Judge Craig Karsnitz wrote. He called an election lawsuit that Wood filed in Georgia “textbook frivolous litigation” and said a complaint that Wood filed in Michigan “would not survive a law school civil procedure class.”

Paula Frederick, the state bar’s general counsel, says the demand that Wood be evaluated by a psychiatrist is based on the concern that he “may be impaired or incapacitated.” That concern, in turn, is based on the odd, inflammatory stuff Wood has said.

Now, one of the most despised lawyers by the Left in America, whom they wanted to see disbarred and committed to an insane asylum (only after he was tarred and feathered), has become a “witness for the State,” according to a new filing in the overreaching leftist hack Fulton County DA Fani Willis’ case against Trump and his lawyers.

According to the far-left Rolling StoneFORMER MAGA ATTORNEY Lin Wood is a witness for the state in Georgia’s election interference RICO case against the former president and 18 others. Wood, who retired from practicing law earlier this year to avoid disbarment, worked as a member of Trump’s legal team in the aftermath of the 2020 election and heavily promoted claims that the election had been rigged against the former president.

According to a Wednesday filing to the Fulton County Superior Court, which seeks a resolution to potential conflicts of interest between attorneys for Trump and several of his co-defendants, Wood is a witness for the prosecution.

“L. Lin Wood, Coreco Ja’Quan Perason, Vikki Townsend Consiglio, Gloria Kay Godwin, James Kenneth Carroll, and Carolyn Hall Fisher are witnesses for the State in the present case. Sidney Katherine Powell and Cathleen Alston Latham are Defendants in the present case,” the filing reads.

Harry W. MacDougald, who is representing Jeff Clarke in the Georgia case, “also previously represented and was co-counsel to L. Lin Wood in Wood v. Raffensperger.” 

General Michael Flynn’s brother Joseph tweeted about the new development on “X” tonight, calling Lin Wood a “Rat Bastard,” adding, “Lin Wood Turns Witness for Georgia Prosecutors in Trump RICO Case.

Wood has been mostly silent since his public meltdown following the Rittenhouse drama, and threats of having his law license revoked. On July 5, PBS reported that Wood had his law license “retired” in Georgia rather than wait for possible punishment from the state bar’s multiple disciplinary investigations against him.

In a letter sent to Georgia Bar officials in July 2023, Wood asked to be allowed to “transfer to Retired Status effective immediately.” He wrote that this move is “irrevocable and permanent” and that he is not permitted to practice law in the state of Georgia or anywhere else outside of representing himself.

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