“What the F*** are Y’all looking at? I Fight Kids” – 13-Year-Old Child Savagely Beaten by Female Thug at a Los Angeles McDonald’s While Bystanders Watch and Record (VIDEO)

Credit: CBS Los Angeles/Angelina Gray

Los Angeles, California – An innocent 13-year-old child was savagely beaten by an unidentified woman at a California McDonald’s while witnesses recorded the incident rather than intervening to help.

Fox News reported Tuesday that Kassidy Jones and her classmates stopped by the fast-food restaurant in Los Angeles’ Harbor City Neighborhood on their way home from school on September 6 when the suspect approached her.

Kassidy told Fox 11 that the woman cornered her and began the assault while yelling these chilling words at the teen and the witnesses:

“What the f*** are y’all looking at? I fight kids. I fight you.

Fox 11 reported that the teen girl did not not know her attacker. In a video obtained by the news station, the female thug is seen dragging Kassidy to the floor, slugging her, and then pulling the teen by her hair.


As the brutal assault occurred, the crowd hollered and some even taped the incident on their phones. Not one witness other than the attacker’s suspected accomplice jumped in to pull the assailant off Kassidy.

According to Fox 11, the teen girl’s mother contacted police and rushed her daughter to the hospital. Kassidy was left with serious swelling and bruises.

Credit: Angelina Looney Philline/Fox News

Kassidy’s mom told FOX 11 that she was shocked another human being was capable of such cold-hearted cruelty.

I just couldn’t believe another human being would do this.

McDonalds spokesperson Tawnie Blade released a statement to Fox News on Tuesday expressing their condolences and vowing to cooperate with law enforcement in the investigation.

We were horrified to learn about this violent attack, and our thoughts are with Kassidy and her family. Employees called police when the fight began, and we’re continuing to work closely with local law enforcement to help with their investigation.

No one has been apprehended in relation to this incident. CBS Los Angeles reports the suspect will be charged with child abuse and battery once she is caught.


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