“We Need a Miracle” – Family Distraught After Pennsylvania High School Quarterback is Rushed to the Hospital After Collapsing on Field (VIDEO)

Credit: Holly Mead Photography

A high school football game in Pennsylvania was suspended Friday night after a quarterback collapsed on the field and was rushed to the hospital. Now the family of the player is left hoping for a miracle.

During a game between Karns City High School and Redbank Valley High School in Butler County, Karns City quarterback Mason Martin staggered on to the field which caught the eye of referee Mike Vasbiner.

As Outkick.com reported, the referee asked Martin if he was in stable condition and the player replied in the negative. That is when Vasbiner knew something was seriously amiss.

I had to talk to him, and when I asked if he was alright, he told me “no.” So, that’s when I knew something was wrong.

Martin then collapsed on the football field. Players from both teams responded by gathering on the field in prayer as Martin received emergency attention.

The player was in such dire straights that a helicopter was needed to rush the high schooler to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh according to Fox News.

The game was called off in the third quarter, with Redbank holding a 35-7 lead over Karns according to Outkick.com.

Martin’s family told KDKA that the boy suffered a “significant brain bleed as well as a collapsed lung.”


The prognosis for Martin is worrisome. Penn Live reports that the player “remains in critical condition with little change over the last 36 hours.”

Martin’s family posted the following statement Sunday on social media, saying they need a miracle and called for others to pray.

The truth is we need a miracle. I’m not saying that to sound grim, but to let you know that we need the strength of your prayers. No one believes in this kid more than us, but he needs everyone’s strength and prayers.


So please pray the way he has always played the game, all out holding nothing back, maybe a little angry, definitely aggressive. We will keep you all updated if anything changes.


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