WAYNE ROOT: Part II: If Trump Doesn’t Win in 2024, He Won’t Just be the Last Republican President Ever. He’ll be the Last Republican- PERIOD.

By Wayne Allyn Root

Last week I warned that 2024 is literally the pivotal year in the history of the United States of America. Because if Trump doesn’t win, we are facing one party rule, the end of the Republican Party, the end of capitalism, the end of America as we know it.

If President Trump doesn’t win in 2024, there will never be another Republican President. Anyone who doesn’t understand this, is blind, deaf and very dumb.

But the real contention of this commentary is…if Trump loses in 2024, I strongly believe he will be the last Republican- period.

Because being a Republican, conservative, patriot, or Christian will be outlawed soon after Democrats achieve one party rule in 2024.

I want you to think long and hard about what Democrats have achieved in just seven short years since 2016. During those seven years we had major Republican leaders in positions of power.

At various times we held the Presidency, Congress and Supreme Court. For the past year, the GOP has had control of the House. For all of those years, Republicans dominated at the state level- with a majority of Governorships and state legislatures. For all of those years, the GOP had a majority of the Supreme Court.

And yet with all those Republicans in key positions of power, think about what Democrats have been able to do to America…

*They have rigged and stolen elections- including the Presidency- with mail-in ballots, no Voter ID, ballot harvesting (a crime everywhere else in the world) and ballot drop boxes. Pure voter fraud has been legalized.

*They have opened the border, and invited, and welcomed the whole world in. Millions have come. Tens of millions more are coming. Our enemies’ prisons are being emptied. America is being overrun. This is an invasion worse than Russia invading Ukraine. No city can survive the financial burden- even Democrat mayors are screaming bloody murder.

*Every major city in America run by Democrats now looks like a third world craphole.

*Retail stores are being robbed into bankruptcy.

*Democrat DAs let every vicious thug out with no bail. Yet peaceful Republican protesters are hunted down, tortured in third world prisons, and sentenced to long prison terms.

*Democrats have poisoned the military with purges of conservatives and white Americans…forced vaccines…critical race theory…transgender brainwashing and troops flying rainbow flags.

*Our schools have been destroyed by the same nonstop communist brainwashing, white hate…and convincing our children to change genders without informing parents.

*All over America, woke companies will not hire whites for executive training programs.

*Elite medical schools have eliminated test scores. Now you get into medical school based only on race. Insanity.

*The FBI and government agencies collude with the media and Big Tech to silence, ban, and censor conservatives, criminalize free speech, and change the news feed to elect only Democrats.

*The ruthless government again and again indicts the only man who can stop them from one party control in 2024…they even arrest President Trump’s lawyers.

*Democrats have created the worst inflation in modern history, that is literally wiping out the middle class.

*Democrats have added 86,000 new IRS agents. This is their personal Gestapo to target and attack conservatives.

*Democrats are working day and night to kill the oil and gas industry, while driving electric and fuel prices to levels that will bankrupt the American people.

*East Palestine and Maui have been destroyed. The government has abandoned the victims. Is your city next?

*And then we come to Covid. If you’re not blind, you can see we are going back any day now to mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and quite possibly even lockdowns. Companies and schools will almost certainly start requiring the latest Covid booster- that has never been tested on a single human being.

This is only a partial list. I could go on for days listing the evil, destruction and dysfunction happening in America.

Democrats have no shame. They are throwing caution to the wind. They hate America. They are suicide bombers out to destroy America.

But I want all of you to let this sink in…

All of this happened with plenty of Republicans in positions of power.

Can you even imagine what these communist suicide bombers will do to us if they achieve one party rule?

All bets are off.

I have no doubt they will outlaw all Republicans as “domestic terrorists.” PTA parents will be arrested. Free speech will be criminalized. All opinions counter to government will be cancelled and banned.

Green energy will leave you with $2,000 electric bills and $12 per gallon gas. Social Credit Scores and Central Bank Digital Currency will be installed- conservatives will be de-banked and left in financial shambles. If the banks don’t leave conservatives penniless, 86,000 IRS agents will finish the job.

Mass arrests will be carried out. Americans will be sent to re-education camps. Everyone will be locked down indefinitely, businesses closed, masks will be worn 24/7- in your car, outdoors, in your own home. We will all be forced vaccinated with a dangerous, deadly, poison vaccine.

Until we are all compliant, intimidated, brainwashed, in prison, or dead.

This is the America you can expect if Democrats take full power in 2024.

We will be the last Republicans- EVER.

Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Conservative Warrior.” Watch Wayne’s TV shows- “America’s Top Ten Countdown” on Real America’s Voice TV Network on Saturdays at Noon ET…and Wayne’s daily TV show on Lindell TV 2 at 7 pm ET at FrankSpeech.com. He is also host of the nationally-syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Audio Network, daily at 6 pm ET. Wayne’s latest book is a #1 bestseller, “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book.” You can order here: https://www.amazon.com/Great-Patriot-BUY-cott-Book-Conservative/dp/099173372X/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1676215826&sr=8-1


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