WATCH: Woke “Scientist” Neil deGrasse Tyson Loses His Mind in Interview After Hosts Tear Apart His Support for Men Competing in Women’s Sports

Credit: Youtube “TRIGGERnometry” screenshot/Fox News

Woke astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson lost his mind and started shouting after a pair of British satirists tore apart his support for men participating in women’s sports.

As Fox News reported, Tyson discussed transgenderism on “TRIGGERnometry”, a free speech YouTube show run by British satirists Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster.

The video starts with Kisin telling Tyson “”One of your functions over time has been to communicate scientific knowledge to the public.”

An animated Tyson then posed a scenario where gender would play no role in sports but rather it would be decided based on hormone levels. Kisin responded by giving the scientist a simple education lesson.

Well, hold on a second. The difference is the difference is physiologically between men and women is not just hormonal. Women have a different hip angle. They have different heart capacities. They have different lung capacity. I mean, there are profound physiological differences, different bone density.


Tyson did not seem to comprehend this basic point and proceeded to propose weight as a way to “slice the population” to ensure biological men could be given an opportunity to steal female glory:

Then you find ways to slice the population so that whatever the event is, is (brief pause) interestingly contested.

So, for example, I wrestled in my life. I was captain of my high school wrestling team. It would be unfair for me at 190 pounds, which is what I was back then, to wrestle someone 120 pounds.

Kisin started to point out this would not work either before Tyson interrupted:

Kisin: Hold on. It would actually be unfair for you to wrestle a woman who is also 190 pounds…

Tyson (interrupting): Let me work my way there. So, what the trans conversation in foisting up on us is to find ways to slice the athletic universe such that we still have interesting, fair matches…Rather than saying no to it all, let’s be creative!…Let’s solve it rather than taking your older view of the world and more modern emergent conduct of people to fit that.

Kisin then pointed out that women today were having their opportunities constricted due to competing against men.

But there are women whose opportunities are being curtailed today because they are being forced to compete, whether in sports or elsewhere, against people who have some kind of advantage.

Tyson responded by pulling out the race card and comparing the trans issue to segregation:

We’re in a transitional period. So we have to figure that out. But the way to figure out things that require solutions to progressive change is not to regress it to how things once were. If that were the case, I would still be drinking from a segregated water fountain.

Kisin’s co-host Foster then jumped in and stated: “I think a lot of people would have an issue with what you’re saying now because they see women being denied opportunities, they see an unfair playing field, metaphorically and literally speaking.”

This is where Tyson finally lost his mind completely and started shouting:

“So fix the playing field, damn it! Well, don’t say it’s an unfair playing field so all of a sudden, the big issue is trans women taking the slot of a woman in an unfair playing field! Fix the playing field! And you know something? The day you fix that playing field, this conversation will look completely ridiculous. That’s what I’m trying to tell you.”

No one should be surprised by Tyson’s meltdown at the end. This is the end result when you confront woke leftists with simple truths.


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