WATCH: Repulsive Lincoln Project Founder Steve Schmidt Gets His A$$ Handed to Him After He Compares Jan 6 Protests to 911 Terrorist Attacks

Steve Schmitt, the founder of the far-left Trump-hating Lincoln Project, whose top operative was caught perpetrating on kids, held his first difficult interview in years on Friday with Patrick Bet-David and it did not go well for him.

The Lincoln Project – a far left group linked to election hoaxes, pedos, and arsonists, made a name for itself by attacking Trump and his supporters, including The Gateway Pundit, in an attempt to flip elections to Democrats.  They really are the bottom dwellers of politics today.

Steve Schmidt, who made a career in GOP politics and helping Republican candidates like John McCain lose elections, flipped to the dark side after Trump made the scene and is now a favorite guest on MSNBC.  The far left channels like his wild commentary including remarks that the Jan. 6 Fedsurrection was as bad as the 9-11 attacks on America when nearly 3,000 Americans were killed in cold blood by Islamists in multiple attacks.

For the record:
** 114 police officers were injured on Jan. 6 at the US Capitol after police launched an assault on Trump supporters without warning.
** Over 180 police officers were injured in the 2020 Summer of Love George Floyd protests when Democrats across the nation caused nearly 2 billion dollars in damage.

Leftists torch Washington DC in George Floyd protests in Washington DC.

During the discussion on Friday, Patrick Bet-David from the PBD Podcast confronted Schmidt on his claims that the Jan. 6, 2021 protests were as bad as the 9-11 attacks on America that resulted in nearly 3,000 dead innocents.

On January 6, 2021, there were FOUR deaths — all Trump supporters and all directly linked to police violence.

Eric Schmidt grew noticeably angry as he was confronted with facts and was not able to spew is regular lies and revolting talking points.

PBD cohost Vinnie Oshana went off on Schmidt.

This ought to wake you up this morning.

Via Midnight Rider and PBD Podcast.

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