WATCH: President Trump Makes Surprise Appearance at Crowded Iowa Pub After Campaign Speeches – Signs Beaming Young Woman’s Top and Dishes Out Pizzas While Massive Crowd Cheers

Credit: The Daily Mail Screenshot

President Trump took time off from campaigning to make a surprise pit stop at a local pub where he was greeting by over a hundred enthusiastic supporters.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported Trump made the first of five planned visits in Iowa on Wednesday. He addressed his enthusiastic supporters in Maquoketa and Dubuque.

The 45th president was later spotted at Kathy’s Treehouse Pub & Eatery in Bettendorf where he was greeted with wild cheers and chants of “We want Trump!”

While at the pub, Trump dished out pizzas while the patrons sang and took videos.

In the video below, a man can be heard yelling “Who wants pizza from Trump?” while the audience screams. Trump can be heard saying “hear you go darling” while handing a pizza box to a woman.


As The Daily Mail reported, Trump also signed multiple autographs for his beaming fans. One excited young waitress even got her tank top authograghed by the 45th President while Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” played in the background.


The young woman told the president: “We’re so honored to have you here, thank you so much. We love you. My dad’s your number one fan and we all are.”

Trump then high-fived and shook hands with patrons before departing.

This is not the first time Trump has pulled off a surprise appearance at local eatery. The Gateway Pundit reported in April that Trump stopped at a local pizzeria in Fort Myers, Florida after giving a long speech.

As reported by Cristina Laila, the 45th President also stopped at the iconic Cuban restaurant Versailles after his appearance in Miami federal court in June where fans sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

Trump continues to prove that he has the common touch with everyday Americans.


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