WATCH: “I Think He’s Getting Preferential Treatment Because I Believe He’s Working With Our Government” – Rep. Eli Crane Reveals Why He Thinks Ray Epps Only Charged With One Misdemeanor After He Was CAUGHT ON VIDEO Urging Violence on J6

Congressman Eli Crane (R-AZ) on Thursday told The Gateway Pundit that he believes that Ray Epps works for the government.

Ray Epps is the only protester caught repeatedly on video on January 6, 2021, clad in tactical wear, urging Trump supporters to enter the US Capitol. Epps was also filmed hurling a massive Trump sign at Capitol Police during the rioting, leading protestors through police barricades and hurling a massive Trump sign at the Capitol Police during the rioting. Today, several men are sitting in prison for touching the sign that passed over their heads that Ray Epps was hurling at police.

The Gateway Pundit was the first national website to post on the mysterious Ray Epps and his bizarre antics caught on video in Washington, DC, on January 5th and 6th.

The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday that corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland testified Wednesday morning in a House Judiciary Committee hearing to examine the weaponization of the DOJ under his leadership. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) hammered Garland for claiming he had “no personal knowledge” of how many FBI agents were in the Trump crowd on J6 to incite violence and incriminate innocent Americans.

As it turns out, the FBI apparently doesn’t even know how many informants they had in the crowd. On Tuesday, The House Judiciary Republicans sent out a letter that includes transcribed testimony from former Assistant Director-in-Charge of the Washington Field Office (WFO) Steven D’Antuono that the FBI had so many FBI operatives in the crowd they had no idea how many were actually there that day!

It is believed by many Americans and Congressman Eli Crane that Epps was one of them. “I believe he’s working with our government,” Crane told The Gateway Pundit on Thursday.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that the Biden Department of Justice finally charged Ray Epps over two and a half years later … with a misdemeanor on Tuesday. 

REGIME THEATRICS: After 2.5 Years DOJ Finally Charges Suspected Ray Epps with One Misdemeanor After He Was CAUGHT ON VIDEO Urging Trump Supporters to ENTER the US Capitol – And Was Caught Attacking Police!

Congressman Crane told The Gateway Pundit that he believes Epps got special treatment because “he’s working with our government.” He added, ” I never thought I’d see the day that I lived in a country where the FBI had become partisan, and justice is no longer blind.”

Watch below:

Conradson: We’ve seen the footage, and we’re starting to get a better idea of what happened. And Ray Epps gets a misdemeanor for the “disorderly conduct” of beating police officers, leading people into the Capitol. Why is he getting preferential treatment over other J6 defendants who are still rotting in prison?

Crane: I think he’s getting preferential treatment because I believe he’s working with our government. And that’s kind of how this town works. Some of the folks that are just getting railroaded for, you know, even walking through the Capitol, and then you see this guy on video repeatedly, instigating, stirring up the crowd, telling people, “Oh, we gotta go inside the building,” while people are chanting, “fed, fed, fed!” I mean, especially after you see some of the results of what happened in Michigan with the Whitmer attempted kidnapping. It’s just one more reason why the American people don’t trust the FBI or this government, and I think it’s pretty pathetic.

Conradson: The FBI, they don’t even know how many people were working for them on January 6 in that crowd; they don’t know how many informants they actually had. You’re on the Homeland Security Committee. Do you think that the FBI is actually a threat to our homeland security and our American freedoms?

Crane: I think the FBI right now, with the leadership that it has, is a massive problem. And in a way, it is a threat to the American people because I think that they’ve become super partisan. It’s clear to me that there are two sets of justice within the FBI. They’ll go after certain people like myself and other people who have conservative views and values, and then clearly, they give passes to the other side. So, I think the American people are increasingly waking up to that reality, and you know, that’s scary, man. I never thought I’d see the day that I lived in a country where the FBI had become partisan, and justice is no longer blind. But that is what we see in this country right now.

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