VIDEO: Riot In Hollywood Erupts as Unruly Crowds Fight Each Other, Assault Officers, and Burn Cars During Skateboarding Event

Credit: OnScene TV/Daily Mail

Los Angeles, California – Now skateboarders in the so-called “City of Angels” are behaving like absolute devils.

KTLA reported that the Second Annual Skate Jam in Hollywood descended into a riot Saturday night. The competition, which was hosted by F***ing Awesome World Entertainment and Adidas Skateboarding, started at 4:30 p.m. local time on the 1600 block of Cherokee Avenue but became violent three hours later, according to police. Before the violence broke out, the Daily Mail reports skaters were performing stunts over an old LAPD cop car.

NBC 4 News LA reports that hundreds of people were in attendance at the event. It is unknown how many engaged in criminal activities.

The video shows the crowds setting trash cans ablaze, tossing bottles, and lighting fireworks. They also vandalized an LA Fire Department vehicle with graffiti.

The footage captures participants jumping on the cop car as the fires spread.


The LA Times notes that dozens of people wandered around as the car burned, with a few skating up the ramp toward the flames. Motorcycle riders also performed stunts while beaming attendees took selfies.

The cop car is eventually completely incinerated by the loons with the windows bashed in.

Credit: The Daily Mail

Officers were assaulted by the attendees with rocks and bottles when they arrived on the scene to disperse the crowd according to KTLA. Police were able to restore order and detained a handful of individuals.

NBC 4 News LA also reports there were fights that broke out among attendees during the commotion.

It is not known what caused the riot at this point.

KTLA reports that as of Sunday night, three individuals have been detained so far and charged with vandalism.


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