Vaccine? No, it’s Long-Long Covid – ‘Experts’ Publish Warning That Covid Can Kill For Up to TWO YEARS Post-Infection

Voldemort isn’t the only unspeakable word that starts with a ‘v.’ At least not for the so-called medical “experts” who dictated the entire Covid shamdemic and the authoritarian gene therapy injection rollout.

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With each passing day, more and more evidence becomes available that shows the massive amount of deaths that have been attributed to Covid, as well as the massive uptick in overall death rates, have been caused by the vaccine itself. And with more otherwise-healthy people dropping dead by the day, the same experts who touted the safety and effectiveness of the mRNA jab are now issuing an urgent warning to anyone who has had Covid in the past two years.

Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine recently published a study in the Medical Journal, ‘Nature,’ that claims those who have been infected with the virus are at an increased risk of dying for up to two years following the illness. They also claim the risk of severe health issues, such as lung problems, blood clots, and other complications, is heightened for the same amount of time post-infection.

Study author Doctor Ziyad Al-Aly said: “A lot of people think, ‘I got Covid, I got over it and I’m fine. Maybe you’ve forgotten about the Covid… but Covid did not forget about you. It’s still wreaking havoc in your body.”

From the WU press release:

“For people who have contracted the COVID-19 virus, pain and suffering may continue two years after infection…Among those hospitalized for COVID-19, the risk of death and hospitalization remained elevated two years postinfection as did the risk for 52 (65%) of the 80 long COVID-related conditions. ‘This suggests a difficult and protracted road to recovery among those whose disease was sufficiently severe enough to necessitate hospitalization while infected with the virus,’ Al-Aly said.

Additionally, researchers measured and compared the number of healthy life-years lost due to COVID-19. They found that among those nonhospitalized, at two years after infection COVID-19 had contributed to 80 lost years of healthy life per 1,000 persons. About 25% of this loss occurred during the second year.”
The study added that the increased risk of death for patients who weren’t hospitalized following infection lasted a much shorter time – for about six months. However, they could still be at increased risk of some 80 or so medical complications such as heart issues, blood clotting, diabetes, GI problems, and several others.

Yes, really. The new and approved science declares that If you drop dead or have medical complications anytime within TWO years of catching this China bug, it was the virus that did you in – Not the experimental vaccine that has been proven to cause heart issues and blood clots galore among the individuals who have received it. The so-called ‘vaccine’ did not even protect against getting the virus – quite the opposite, actually. several studies show that the vaccinated were spreading the virus at a higher rate than their unvaccinated peers.

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In other words, ‘covid did it’ is the perfect excuse to cover up the immense number of vaccine side effects. Especially when they get to count it for up to two years after the most recent infection.

The new excuse, which will likely be used to fudge reporting statistics like the first go around, comes just as a new Covid variant is causing a spike in cases across the West.

FOX News Rick Leventhal Confirms Our Prior Reporting – 94% of COVID-19 Deaths Had “On Average 2-3 Other Potential Causes of Death”


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