Torture and Abuse: DC Officials Place Jan. 6 Prisoners in DC Gulag Back on COVID Lockdown, Solitary Confinement Starting Today!

The devastating reality of 23 hours per day solitary confinement is back for the January 6 political prisoners.
Today the DC Jail announced that the J6 patriot pod would be on lockdown for refusing to submit to COVID testing! This lockdown status is a horrific recurring nightmare for many of the nearly 40 Jan 6 detainees surviving in the Gulag.
In an exclusive statement the Gateway Pundit obtained from J6 prisoner for 980 days without a trial, Jake Lang, we learn what it was like living through nearly 20 months of solitary confinement & COVID lockdowns in prison. “I can’t believe we are back to this, it is truly the most inhumane way to treat people. Even a dog gets to go outside once a day! 23 hours locked in your cell alone everyday has a severe effect on the human psyche – and is considered Cruel & Unusual punishment by the Geneva Convention. It is a torture designed to crumble the resolve of even the strongest people, without a relationship with Jesus – it would have broke me.” Jake continued, “With the COVID lockdown comes a side order of evil & soul-crushing treatment. The shortlist of evil being done to us by our government is:
  • no family visitation,
  • no lawyer meetings,
  • no haircuts,
  • no going outside for fresh air,
  • no cooking or showering regularly, and
  • no religious services.
It’s enough to drive a sane person crazy! And definitely no place to prepare for trial.
The Gateway Pundit readers to help push back on this wicked injustice.
You can make some phone calls to DC Jail and the DC Councilmen. Demand accountability to why humans are being treated worse than zoo animals, and why unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishment is yet again being inflicted upon these patriots!
If you would like to help out the Jan 6 Patriot prisoners, please CALL these numbers below and respectfully demand this lockdown be stopped now! Y
You can also donate to help our POWs on the January 6 Commissary Fund by visiting –>
Here are the numbers to call: (Jan 6ers are in unit C3A) The Central Treatment Facility (DC JAIL – CTF) Ask for Warden or Deputy Director or Major in Command 202-790-6601
US MARSHALS 703-740-8132 and 703-740-8400
DC CITY COUNSEL 202-724-8000
God protect these tortured souls.
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