From Today’s War Room: TGP’s Jim Hoft Breaks Report on Secret Facebook Group Discussing Packages of Fraudulent Ballot Registrations from GBI Strategies in 2020 Election (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft joined Natalie Winters on The War Room on Friday to discuss our latest breaking report on the Democrat ballot registration scandal.

On Friday Patty McMurray and Ben Wetmore published an explosive development from Michigan.

Jim Hoft told the War Room audience: I want to give credit to Ben Wetmore and Patty McMurray, who helped put this together. Actually, they did most of the work on this… What I’m going to announce now is that we have a whistleblower who came to us after our initial reports. So thank God that there are some honest and courageous Americans out there. I give this person all the credit in the world. It took a lot of guts for them to contact us. And what they gave us, Natalie, is just explosive.

…They didn’t catch the fraud. We caught the fraud. Gateway Pundit is catching the fraud. These clerks had a private social media group, and we gained access to this group. And we have at least a dozen different clerks across the state of Michigan who admit in this group, this social media group, that they also were receiving these packages of suspect registrations from this GBI Strategies, which also goes by the name of Empower Michigan.

For the record, Empower Michigan shares the same address as the Democrat Party of Michigan in Lansing, Michigan. So this GBI Strategies was sending these packages to clerks across the state filled with these suspect registrations. They were receiving several packages. We decided at this point, to keep the names of the clerks anonymous, except for one clerk. It’s a former Representative, Richard LeBlanc, and he is a clerk in Michigan now, and he says that he received five bundles of these registrations in his mail from GBI Strategies. And so we’ve contacted his office. We’d like a response from him, wondering, what did he do with those? Because there’s no record that he turned those in or flagged them or sent them back or notified the state. We don’t have any record of that.

…So if you look through this report, you’ll find that these clerks were talking about receiving ballots where one was a deceased dog. So immediately they’re so absurd, these registrations, that, of course, it raised red flags. And when you get the name of a dog, or you get deceased people, or somebody who was born in 2020, that was a birth date for one of these people who was supposedly registering to vote. It’s just amazing. So this was widespread. We have several of the screengrabs from this social media group, and they know now that we’re onto them.

We have more reports to come. But this is very explosive. This wasn’t an isolated incident, Natalie. It was not just one office in Michigan. This was statewide. And it was hidden by Attorney General Nesel. It was hidden by Jocelyn Benson, the Secretary of State. It was hidden by the Governor there, Gretchen Whitmer. And they must have known that this was widespread.

Watch the segment below.

We want to thank our friends, Phil and Braden, from the Michigan GOP Election Integrity Group for their continued support of this project.

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