Ted Cruz Cracks Open a Cold One on Live TV, Tells Biden Admin to ‘Kiss My A**’

Like many Americans, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has had just about enough of the authoritarian Joe Biden administration telling us how to lead our lives, and he hilariously cracked open a cold one to give Biden and his nanny state a “salute” on live TV.

Cruz appeared on Newsmax with host Eric Bolling on Aug. 31 on a segment in which he blasted the Biden administration for its constant edicts banning things from our lives and its penchant for wallowing in Biden’s desire to control every aspect of our daily existence. And during the segment, he mentioned the Biden regime’s latest edict about how much alcohol we are allowed to drink.

With a group of cowboy-hatted supporters behind him, Cruz blasted the “idiots” in the Biden administration.

“Now these idiots have come out and said ‘drink two beers a week,'” Cruz said. “That’s their guideline.”

Warning: The following clip includes language some may find offensive.

Then the senator pulled out a bottle of beer and added, “If they want us to drink two beers a week, frankly, they can kiss my a**.”

After that, he twisted off the beer cap and took a great swig live on TV.

Cruz was referring to the new “guidelines” being floated by Biden’s officious National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, which announced on Aug. 25 that Americans should only have two alcoholic drinks a week, a huge swing from the two per day it has been suggesting until now.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Biden’s health czar, Dr. George Koob, said that Americans need to slash their alcohol intake to stay healthy.

“If there’s health benefits, I think people will start to re-evaluate where we’re at,” he said of alcohol consumption in the U.S.

Koob added that he thinks the U.S. should mirror recent changes in Canada’s health guidelines that now stipulate that people should only partake two times a week.

“Most of the benefits people attribute to alcohol, we feel they really have more to do with what someone’s eating rather than what they’re drinking,” Koob added. “So it really has to do with the Mediterranean diet, socio-economic status, that makes you able to afford that kind of diet and make your own fresh food and so forth.”

“With this in mind, most of the benefits kind of disappear on the health side,” he exclaimed.

Alcohol is far from the only thing the Biden administration wants to limit, heavily regulate or outright ban. As Cruz also mentioned in the video, Biden’s nanny state regulators also announced that they are going after ceiling fans, too. It is a rule so strict that some manufacturers would be put out of business because they cannot meet the new requirements being proposed, Fox Business Network reported.

But Biden has been proposing and enacting de facto bans on all sorts of products, in obedience to his climate-change religion driving up prices or making the things we use harder to find.

Early this year he went after gas stoves, gas furnaces and gas water heaters.

That effort to take things away from us all came on the heels of his administration’s proclamation that natural gas should be eliminated throughout the country.

Joe Biden is determined to tell us how we are allowed to heat our homes, cook our food, what sort of cars we are allowed to drive and now even how much beer we are allowed to drink. And Americans are sick to death of his delusions of godhood.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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