Soccer Player, Rocker, Economist, Libertarian: Tucker Interviews Argentinian Presidential Favorite Javier Milei – ‘I won’t do business with any communist!’

Tucker Carlson, in his page on X (formerly Twitter), interviewed the frontrunner in the run for President of Argentina, a country ravaged by hyperinflation and other leftist malaises thanks to the Peronists in power with Alberto Fernandez and Christina Kirchner.

Amid promises of dollarizing the economy and rejection of any alliance with Communist China or Globalist entities, Milei turned into the man all the MSM loves to hate.

In a country ‘in shambles’, a former soccer player who sang in a rock band and turned economist may be the solution.

Some excepts by Milei:

‘Argentina is a country that has embraced socialist ideas. The rebellion always comes from the youth, and the youth found in me someone who spoke about free market, against the status quo.’

On Abortion:

‘As a libertarian, we have unrestricted respect for the lives of others, rooted in the spirit of non-aggression, and in defense of life, liberty and property.’

Pope Francis:

‘The Pope plays politics. He has a strong political influence. And he has shown a great affinity fro dictators like Castro and Maduro.’

On Communism:

‘Not only will I not do business with China, I won’t do business with any communist!’

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