So Much for Free Speech: Twitter Shuts Down Generation Identity after Meeting with ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt

Generation Identity info stand in Austria


Despite promises to restore free speech, Twitter / X deleted numerous accounts belonging to patriotic youth movement Generation Identity in Germany. The block came a few days after police raids on GI supporters in southern Germany and Switzerland.

“This is unacceptable, Elon Musk. You promised us freedom of speech on this platform, not totalitarian censorship like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is propagating,” commented a GI Twitter channel.

A few days earlier, Elon Musk’s new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, met with Trump-hating online troll Jonathan Greenblatt of the notorious far left hate group Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Former head of Advertising and Partnerships at NBCUniversal Linda Yaccarino is a member of the World Economic Forum, which strives for world-wide censorship and undermining democracy in the interest of what WEF founder Klaus Schwab calls “The Great Reset”.


“I had a very frank + productive conversation with Linda Yaccarino yesterday about X , what works and what doesn’t, and where it needs to go to address hate effectively on the platform. I appreciated her reaching out and I’m hopeful the service will improve.  ADL will be vigilant and give her and ElonMusk credit if the service gets better… and reserve the right to call them out until it does,” Greenblatt wrote.


“The ADL has done a lot of good work in prior decades, but has been overzealous in recent years & hijacked by woke mind virus”, Elon Musk had written on X Sept. 2, in seeming contradiction to X’s recent censorship actions.

Speaking to Junge Freiheit newspaper, Generation Identity spokesman Martin Sellner noted that “How GI is treated is always a good gauge of the overall trajectory. After Musk’s takeover, there was a period of a few months when fewer posts were deleted. Now, directly after a major police raid, there was a concerted banning operation. I expect this clampdown to continue,” Sellner said.

Generation Identity is a non-violent right-wing youth movement which aims to preserve the cultural heritage of Europe. It has been banned in Austria, France and Germany with no legal justification. French members who sought to protect French borders were jailed on bogus charges of “impersonating an officer.”


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